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Delta aims pan-India reach with strong network

To be able to reach every corner of India with our products and services we need strong channel and distribution partners.

Dalip Sharma, Managing Director, Delta India.

Delta recently partnered with Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro becomes Delta’s first major appointment since it shifted focus to the Indian market a year ago. Ingram Micro will market Delta’s UPS systems, data center infrastructure range and telecom power solutions. In conversation with Kshitija Kolhapure, Dalip Sharma, Managing Director, Delta India speaks about how this strategic alliance will help flourish Delta. He also briefs on the offering of energy managements solutions and how India can be a hub for energy management.

Delta recently announced alliance with Ingram Micro. How this alliance is going to help the power sector in India?
The government is heavily investing into infrastructure in India and most of the infrastructures do have need of uninterrupted power. These projects are not only being executing in mega cities but also in the remotest of places of India. So to be able to reach every corner of India with our products and services we need strong channel and distribution partners. Delta has a strong channel network and to strengthen its arms Delta joined hands with Ingram micro. That is why this partnership makes a very strong sense at this moment.

How technology focused is Delta?
Delta is a very technology focused company. We have several layers of R&D. Even we have a layer of R&D which will research for something that will come after 10 years which does not exist today. We have already achieved energy efficiency at 98 per cent, in solar we have reached 99 per cent and these are done by using several state-of-the-art technologies backed by multiple patents in this area as well. Today as we stand, we have the highest efficiency power products in India in all categories. We have very high power density products in the world today. Delta possesses Gold rating in the category of power supply. Different technologies grow over year but we are at the forefront at the efficiency in the power domain.

What solutions are you offering for smart cities?
Delta is increasing its footprints in the segment of smart cities. Since we have diversified product lines – wind power, telecom, UPS, data centre, solar, industrial automation, display solutions etc, it becomes easier for us to come as a one stop solution and provide effective solution to the projects.

These days a lot of emphasis is given on renewable energy. How Delta is committed to deliver optimal renewable energy solution?
In renewable energy we offer several end-to-end solutions to our customers. We are the largest solar rooftop inverter provider in India today. We have launched megawatt level of inverters for solar farms right from 1 MW to 4 MW containerise solutions. We are coming up with grid level energy storage. Delta participated in the energy storage conference just a month ago in Mumbai where we displayed solutions and along with energy storage. We are also providing a solution PCS which is needed to connect to the grid along with the software. In the solar inverter space we are leader in the market and in the storage space, we are already working towards first reference project in India.

India in energy management is still a big issue. What sort of energy management solutions do you provide?
We understand that the power situation in the country is improving and is getting better by the day but there is a challenge behind it getting better. For example, if we have to meet the government’s target of pumping in 100 GW by 2022 and in renewable the total of solar, wind and hydro making 175 GW. If so much of renewable energy is pumped in to the grid, renewable energy is a variable energy because the sun’s time will be different, the wind will be different. So once you pump so high quantity in to the variable energy in to the grid it will make the grid unstable. To make the grid stable, megawatt level of power storage is required to be able to store all the power that is generated from large solar farm and wind farms and from this storage one can have smooth and clean power in to the grids that will not pollute the grid or make the grid unstable. So this is the next thing that is going to happen in this country and we are already prepared for that.

Could you brief on your energy management solutions for the data centers?
We provide energy management solution for the data centers, telecom industry, industrial segment and other verticals as well. We have a good role in the power segment it is not about the power conversion but it is about the power efficiency which helps to improve the power situation in the country.

Data centers are major energy guzzlers. What needs to be changed in the energy management systems specifically for data centers?
From energy guzzlers, data centers are improving their efficiency. Since the operating cost of a data center is very high, it is imperative to manage the energy efficiently and effectively. Data center comprises of many other factors besides power like cooling which impacts the reduction of the energy bills. So there are several suits of solutions that Delta is offering in that space.

How Delta is going to help India become a hub for energy management?
We are playing a major role especially in the power industry. We have 70 per cent of the market share in the telecom power segment. So even by saving 1 per cent energy we are already saving huge amount of carbon emission in telecom.

Coming to solar, we are already serving India about 30 per cent of the solar inverter which helps us to improve the yield of power from sun to energy. Also we are providing power conditioning equipment to the industrial segments like steel, cement and refineries plants. We are helping to clean the renewable energy and reduce a lot of energy used. We are helping Indian Railways to make the grid efficient. We are playing a huge role as far as energy management market of India is concern.

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