Year of no power shortage

This is the first time that the country has declared a year of no power shortage.
Dr. Sanjiv Kawishwar, Sr. Vice President, ReGen Powertech
  Commenting on the power surplus in the country Dr Sanjiv Kawishwar, Sr. Vice President, ReGen Powertech Pvt Ltd believes that the power scenario is favourable and the country is enjoying the continuous power supply than previous year. He says, “There may be a power surplus in some particular areas and people having access to electricity may find a better situation with respect to continuous power supply compared to earlier years and therefore it is expected that power supply as well as power accessibility will improve in the current financial year. We expect that the schemes like UDAY (Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojana) will enhance financial condition of discoms in power deficit areas, so that they may buy surplus power. This is the first time that the country has declared a year of no power shortage though many regions had power surplus for shorter period.” 
Promoting renewableAccording to Dr. Kawishwar, the biggest game changer will be the promotion of renewable like solar-wind with the enforcement of renewable purchase obligations (RPOS). Government’s plan to add 175GW of renewable energy by 2022 and to direct all its policies to achieve the planned targets will help power sector to grow multi-fold and will really be a game changer. Reinstatement of benefits like accelerated depreciation and enhancement of generation based incentives will really play major role to transform nation from power deficit to power surplus.  
ReGen’s contributing for wind-solar hybrid systemReGen has developed wind-solar hybrid system of 1.5MW capacity which is unique and firsts of its kind in India.  Also, it has enhanced its product portfolio to include six wind turbine models having a capacity ranging from 1.5MW to 2.8MW in this financial year. Company continuously invest for innovative products and hence it’s unique ‘true wind solar hybrid’ energy system. ReGen’s wind-solar hybrid turbine has already been tested, certified and produced extraordinary results. “Now, wind- solar hybrid policy is in place and being pioneers we are also ready with the project awaiting for tariff declaration. Technically it is possible to include a solar hybrid unit to our existing wind turbines and we are working passionately on it,” he briefs on the company’s contribution.
“We have implemented energy management system for our wind turbine manufacturing plants, project sites and wind farm operation sites that helps us to enhance energy performance of our systems to a great extent,” he adds.       
Turnaround storyWhile sharing the turnaround story of the company Dr. Kawishwar says, “Development of innovative products like wind-solar hybrid, higher capacity wind turbines and energy storage technology to prevent loss of surplus power from the hybrid system has really helped our business. Our business will grow multi-fold in terms of power generation provided right policies, financial structures and systems are in place as well as our requirements with respect to power evacuation are met,” he added on the business opportunities.

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