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Evans Electric poised to expand

Evans Electric is now poised to foray into several areas of untapped potential. It believes that the opportunities that lay ahead with the changes that are occurring in the industrial scenario are boundless.

Soon after gaining Independence in 1947, India was swept by a wave of National Industrialisation. The newly formed government took on the massive task of building a free India with the determination to build everything Indian. Many of the established British companies gradually closed their doors, some handed over their operations to Indian management.

This resulted in a niche market being created in the Servicing and Repairing of Electrical equipment that was largely used in every Industrial establishment across the country. The opportunities this development presented was fast growing and came with a high demand rate.

It was in those early days that an Indian entrepreneur Armando F. de Souza and a British Electrical Engineer Silus L. Evans drawn together by a chance meeting in Bombay resulted several months later in December of 1951, in the founding of India’s first and one the country’s most iconic electro-mechanical engineering companies, Evans Electric Pvt Ltd.

The company’s primary line of business was the repairing and rewinding of electric motors, generators and transformers. Diagnostics and problem solving also formed a major part of the service they provided.

In the 67 years of its existence, the company has grown from humble beginnings to become a brand of its own, with national and international recognition for a list of achievements many of which are an envy to leading electrical engineering companies across the globe.
The early years brought to light the high level of technical expertise, the capability of the company and its ability to perform repair, rewind and complex component redesign and replacement services on equipment that was all imported being manufactured in different parts of the world. This was due to the fact that all industrial electrical equipment in use at that time was imported into India, as there was no local manufacturing of electrical machinery.

Evans Electric very soon became a household name in factories and industrial establishments all over the country. No electrical machine was too small! Too big! Or too complicated! Their ability to accomplish rewinding and reconnecting complex winding circuits or re-designing alternative functional windings was and remains an industry leading feature.

On the rewinding of large turbo, hydro, gas and nuclear power generators, Evans Electric is nationally and internationally recognised for its total capability on the repair and rewinding of large generator stators and rotors. The company is one of the leaders in India in successfully rewinding Turbo Generator rotors, the largest being 250 MW in capacity.

In the Extra High Voltage Class of insulation and generator rewinds, Evans Electric claims to be the only company in the world to have successfully rewound a 40 MVA Parsons Turbo Generator Stator with a rated operating voltage of 33 KV. The 126 Stator bars each 6 metres in length were fully manufactured by Evans Electric and the generator successfully rewound on site. This ‘stand-alone’ feat is a major credential for what the company is really capable of.

Evans Electric was also responsible for being the first in the country to raise the standards in the level of repair and the level of testing of expensive electrical equipment. According to Evans Electric, it was the first company in India to utilise fully mechanised processes using coil spreaders and automated coil presses in coil manufacture, and advanced test equipment for Tan Delta and dielectric loss analysis on high voltage windings. The ELCID test and equipment was first introduced, acquired and used by Evans Electric Pvt Ltd.

With the world now turning towards energy efficiency, Evans Electric has its own approach on the rewinding and testing of electric motors. The knowhow in this area has been developed over 35 years with extensive experience gained in India and overseas in the analysis of electric motor performance and ‘true’ energy efficiency. This has in recent years emerged as a major contributing factor in energy conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and as importantly, running cost reduction.

The hallmark of Evans Electric is that the company is a total package from ‘knowhow’ to ‘capability’ to ‘research & development’ and ‘training’. The major factor here is that every aspect of the operation is home grown. From diagnosing a complex problem, designing a complicated winding circuit, manufacturing custom built processing equipment or re-designing a critical replacement component, it is all done in house. The intellectual property the company has gained over 67 years is priceless!

Evans Electric is now poised to foray into several areas of untapped potential. The company believes that the opportunities that lay ahead with the changes that are occurring in the industrial scenario are boundless. These range from large generators and motors in the high voltage class to medium and low voltage equipment, encompassing repairs redesigns, component redesign manufacture and replacement, general and special purpose motor manufacture, designing and building of special purpose manufacturing and test equipment and special purpose machines, along with analytical tests on various fronts, the list goes on! Evans Electric believes that the time is here and now to capitalise on these opportunities and what it has to offer.

Authored by:

Ivor DeSouza
Managing Director
Evans Electric Pvt Ltd

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