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IntuitThings redefines ‘smart’ living

It is often believed that automating a home or office is a very messy, expensive and cumbersome process. IntuitThings has taken into consideration all the reasons why we refuse to make our daily environment smarter, and has designed smart and intuitive products.

When you’re on vacation with your family, you can control your home and office without having to worry about anything. You can check if all your appliances were turned off before you left. You will be alerted if someone enters your house and at the onset of a fire or a gas leakage and you can immediately contact the right people to ensure minimum damage. You can also keep track of your car. You can switch a light on every night for some time to create an illusion that the house is not empty. This keeps burglars away.
Before you return home, you can preset the lighting mood as per your liking in your house and switch the ACs on in the bedrooms and set it to the perfect temperature. All this is possible with your smartphone and smart products from IntuitThings which can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.

The IntuitGateway is the prime product which communicates wirelessly with all other products manufactured by the company. The company’s touch as well as non-touch switches can be controlled with a mobile phone. These IntuitSwitches are retrofit into existing switchboards, hence eliminating the need for renovation or rewiring work.

Similarly IntuitMotion sensor and IntuitOccupancy sensor detect motion and true occupancy respectively. This enables energy saving as they keep the lights and fans ‘on’ only when it is really required.

IntuitThings also has fire detector sensors, water/gas leakage sensors and smoke detectors. The door sensor notifies if someone opens your door.

The company provides CCTV integration which lets you to monitor the activities in your home/office when you’re not around. Its vehicle tracking device protects your vehicle against theft and tracks other parameters such as, RPM and engine, coolant and cab temperature. It enables geo-fencing too.

For more details, contact at contact@intuitthings.com or visit www.intuitthings.com

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