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Maximise your ROI with DEIF smart metering solutions

DEIF offers wide range of meter program for absolute energy measurement as well as for energy and power quality measurement.

Operational costs are on a steep rise due to the escalating power tariffs and power shortages. Any reduction in these day-to-day expenses would help you to improve your operation and at the same time improve your profits and efficiency. Energy conservation through effective energy management is hence gaining increasing attention in recent times. DEIF’s metering solutions can benefit one’s efforts to reduce the operational expenses.

DEIF, Danish Electro Instruments Factory, has the experience of making meters for over seven decades and providing metering solutions for simple applications to most rugged applications with focus on precision and robustness. DEIF offers wide range of meter program for absolute energy measurement as well as for energy and power quality measurement. The company provides a comprehensive solution that empowers its customers with accurate measurement and analysis for cutting energy bills.

DEIF’s superior quality products are designed with flexible functionality to comply with relevant standards and manufactured under stringent quality control procedures with testing under the harshest conditions. DEIF’s products employ the state-of-the-art technologies and upgradation of the products through continuous R&D initiative. It is one of the preferred partners for customers due to 24/7 service and support, customised applications as well as training programs.

Identify your energy consumption
To reduce energy costs one needs to measure and monitor by analysing actual energy consumption. Based upon this information necessary evasive action can be taken. It is essential to take the right path in decision making through factual information about where energy consumption can be optimised.

Smart meters
DEIF offers a complete range of modular energy and power meters with communication ports. The company’s advanced metering solutions connected to a centralised place, which could be its HMI (AGI 300) or any other SCADA, allow remote monitoring of parameters giving instant access.

MIC-2 MKII (Multi-Instrument Communication)
Versatile and intuitive, DEIF’s multi-instrument MIC-2MKII is perfectly suited for monitoring and analysis of all types of power systems. The MIC-2 MKII helps to optimise energy system. Capable of logging all applications from single low voltage to multiple high voltage applications, the sturdy unit offers a complete overview of a SCADA system.

A microprocessor-based measuring unit for most electrical quantities on 2-phase or 3-phase electric energy distribution networks, readings are displayed on a large built-in LCD screen. Fitted with the Ethernet TCP/IP module, the unit offers direct access to Modbus data and is easy to access remotely via standard browsers.

KWh counter reset and change of settings can be password-protected, and using DEIF’s free utility software it is a simple and fast job to configure and adapt the unit to fit most applications.

MIB (Multi-Instrument Basic)
For economical solutions, DEIF also has basic multi-instrument with limited functionality, depending upon customers’ need. A large number of standard analogue instruments can be replaced by the MIB in all electrical measuring applications. The MIB contains all necessary measuring circuits and presents all values on a display with white backlight.

The MIB can be used in almost all 3-phase network topologies with/without neutral and with both balanced and unbalanced load.

Continued savings
DEIF claims to be your best partner for selecting measurement solutions that deliver maximum return on investment. According to the company, the average customer finds that DEIF meters pay for themselves through savings in less than a year. Best technology, reliability and service in the business are the hallmarks of DEIF’s measurement products and solutions.

For more information, contact on (+91) 22 4245 2000, write at india@deif.com or visit www.deif.com

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