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NEOCAB-PV: One point cable & wire solutions provider for solar power

NEOCAB-PV, one of the trusted brands in cable and conductors, was created with an aim to cater high-quality premium cable and wire products to renewable sector.

Through times, they catered products that required high-end innovation and research and now NEOCAB-PV is one point cable & wire solution provider for the world of the solar power.

NEOCAB-PV extreme soft SUPER-FLEXIBLE PV-Interconnects and PV-BUSBAR are straightest, softest and flattest photovoltaic wire available in the market. Their softest ribbons have yield strength as low as 50 MPa. The company also makes PV-ribbons for auto-tabbing application of 5 BB solar cell. They are wound on bi-conical spools with high precision. High-quality of NEOCAB-PV ribbons leads to very efficient assembly and cell breakage is much less likely, which improves overall efficiency of solar PV module assembly.

NEOCAB-PV SUPER-FLEXIBLE ribbons are cold rolled with high precision from high-purity oxygen-free copper round wire and is hot-dip tin coated. They provide all typical coatings, including Silver based and RoHS compliant lead-free coatings.
With a high-purity oxygen-free copper core base, NEOCAB-PV offers exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation and yield strength. NEOCAB-PV provides enhanced mechanical properties to reduce cell breakage. It makes the solar module more fatigue resistant against weather changes during its lifetime

The company’s high efficient ribbon improves the electron flow across cells, improving overall watt output of each module.

NEOCAB-PV XLPO are E-beam irradiated solar cable can survive extreme weather conditions and has life up to 30 years, the company claims. NEOCAB-PV ECO-XLPE solar cables are specifically designed for small rooftop solar projects. These solar cables are designed to be UV and ozone resistant, chemical and oil resistant. All NEOCAB-PV cables are with excellent FR properties and contain absolutely ‘zero’ or low halogen, the manufacturer said.

NEOCAB-PV’s manufacturing facilities are conveniently located at Gujarat, the industrial epicenter of India.

For more details, visit www. neocabpv.com

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