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Riddhim Siddhim Steel rolls its way into the solar industry

Cold roll forming technology has been used since decades in the infrastructure sector for manufacturing of different profiles. With technological advancements, cold roll forming technology has found its application in various sectors till date. Solar module mounting systems were completely transformed with the introduction of cold roll forming profiles in the industry. Cold roll forming technology is used where there are longer lengths and larger volumes of component; with this technology, mass manufacturing becomes easy.

Solar mounting systems earlier constituted of pre-fabricated heavy weight structures which found the exit door with the introduction of cold roll forming technology in solar industry. The systems weighing approximately 100 MT per MW were brought down to a mere 30-40MT per MW. Introduction of new materials also contributed to the trend of declining weight of structures. Materials such as galvalume, posmac and now JFE have found ground breaking applications in this industry.

Riddhim Siddhim Steel (I) Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront, witnessed and has been a part of the now rapidly changing solar industry since 2010. Cold roll forming has been a core activity at Riddhim Siddhim and with an in-house tool room, they have always had an added advantage when it comes to customisations of sections or development of new profiles. Throughout the journey they have worked closely with the big corporate houses in development of large solar parks and have done their bit to contribute to the government’s goal of developing 100 GW of solar power by 2020.

In recent times, there has been a major boom in the rooftop segment of solar industry, State Governments’ offering attractive subsidies to end customers has been a major catalyst in driving its citizen to use solar power in their schools, colleges, offices and residential complexes. When the rooftop segment was picking up pace, there was a void which needed immediate attention and there was a lack of expertise available when it came to design and installation of structures. Riddhim Siddhim Steel (I) Pvt. Ltd. under the brand name of JIKA-MMS offered solutions and started their rooftop division in the year 2016-17, with their expertise in execution of more than 1000 MW of ground mount structures, they began catering to a new market of rooftop solar customers.

Rooftops have their own challenges, major being the space constraints in metro cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi; each and every project being different from the other. A dedicated team consisting of site surveyors and designers help them ace every challenge that crops up. MOQ policy seldom help to serve customers ranging right from 1 kW to 1 MW and above. Partnering with A Raymond, have boosted their structures to have the ability to accommodate any size and any make panel. Adhering to the distribution authorities’ norms, the structures are hot dipped galvanised with a min of 85 microns of thickness. With a view of becoming a one-stop shop solution for structures for their EPC partners, JIKA-MMS will very soon be available in aluminium also. Since its inception, JIKA-MMS has proudly executed 10 MW of rooftop projects pan India starting from Mumbai; JIKA-MMS has also established base in Delhi and Bangalore.

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