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CEA, ICAI organised ‘4th National Workshop on Electrical Safety’

Electricity is a familiar and essential part of everyday life, but negligence can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. Raising awareness about electrical hazards is key to reducing electrical ?res, injuries, death and property loss. Chief Electrical Inspectorate Division of Central Electricity Authority along with International Copper Association India (ICAI) has been jointly conducting the Workshop on Electrical Safety for the past three years. This workshop is the fourth workshop in the series, which discussed the new safety challenges due to upgradation of technology and the mitigation measures that could be taken for: electrical safety in high-rise building; fire prevention of transformers; and safety requirements for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The development and application of new technologies in electrical engineering pose many challenges for the application of safety rules. These could be due to new working practices, management techniques, equipment, and increased interaction between complex systems. ICA India along with the Electrical Inspectorate Division of CEA aims to reduce the number of electrical accidents by enforcing rules, providing advice on good working practices, and developing guidance in response to technical changes in equipment and working methods. Sensitising all stakeholders about presents challenges and use of best technology and technical practices available across the globe would lay the foundation for ‘Zero Tolerance’ towards Electrical Accidents and thereby ensuring accomplishment of the goal of accident-free electrical Industry.

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