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Kudankulam unit 2 reaches 100% capacity

The Unit 2 (second reactor) of India’s single largest nuclear power station, Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu has for the first time reached 100 per cent of its operating capacity of 1000 MW on 22nd January, following the successful completion of physical tests at the 90 per cent capacity level and the relevant permission from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Body of India (AERB) had been received.

The unit reached 100 percent power level for the first time since it went critical on July 10, 2016, said Andrey Lebedev vice president of ASE Group South Asia in a statement. The ASE Group is a subsidiary of Rostom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, who have signed up to build the nuclear plant.

“The operations for power increase from 90 per cent to 100 per cent were commenced overnight from 19 to 20 January and were performed in accordance with the technical specifications. Currently, after the power unit has reached the nominal power level, it is planned to perform comprehensive dynamic tests for 15 days. The tests will confirm the design parameters of the power unit main system and its dynamic stability in certain modes of disturbance of normal operation. Preparation of the units for the first tests is now under way,” the ASE Group statement adds.

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