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WebNMS, ElMeasure announce partnership to bring IoT

WebNMS, the IoT division of Zoho Corp, has announced its strategic partnership with ElMeasure to bring IoT enabled energy management solutions in the Industrial IoT space.

This collaboration brings together WebNMS’ scalable and high-performance, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and ElMeasure’s expertise in energy management and metering hardware manufacturing. It will enable ElMeasure to provide innovative and specialised, Energy Management Solutions for various industry verticals like textile, pharma, automobile, commercial, and residential buildings, etc.

WebNMS’ IoT Platform helps ElMeasure leverage IoT technology to gather, process, visualise, and draw insights from energy data at scale, across its broad array of energy product portfolio to provide unified Energy Management Solutions. This partnership takes forward ElMeasure as one of the early adopters of IoT technology in the energy space in India.

WebNMS’ highly secured and scalable platform integration with ElMeasure’s high precision energy meters will enable the enterprises to considerably reduce their energy bills and OpEx. Data visibility is of importance to the enterprises, to pinpoint the energy usage. An intelligent solution that can provide energy reports doff wise, shift wise, count wise, production wise, etc., show the speed Vs Kw curve, bars, graphs, etc. Transparent insights on likewise energy data will enable the enterprises to schedule preventive maintenance, reduce the downtime, effective utilisation of resources.

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