DEIF conducts comprehensive technical training

With continuous development in power management systems combined with increasingly sophisticated communication between engines and enhancement of DEIF products, emphasises the need for hands-on training. DEIF has setup training centres around the world to offer training sessions that are tailored as per the local requirements. DEIF India Pvt. Ltd. also has setup state-of-the-art training centre in Mumbai, to impart comprehensive education and training to its customers. The training centre houses modern simulator panels with automatic genset controller and protection and power management controller.
Professional trainingDEIF offers in-depth courses at its dedicated training facilities for operators and technicians that help maximise the return on investment in DEIF solutions and gain competitive advantage.
DEIF has a team of highly qualified and industrially experienced faculties who train service personnel and equip them with knowledge to monitor and maintain systems and troubleshoot faults, thereby increasing system uptime. The training sessions would educate on how to fully utilise DEIF product and using the utility software. DEIF has the quality infrastructure to carryout hands-on training on switchboard and simulator panel which boosts the confidence of service personnel before they actually work on system, thus eliminating the risk of damage to the systems.
Training sessions are conducted in small groups to facilitate individual attention and ensure that each participant gets hands-on exposure. DEIF training is carried out in a controlled setting with focus on personnel safety.
Spectrum of trainingDEIF provides comprehensive technical training, which comprises of a perfect blend of theory and practice. While the former enhances analytical skills, the latter enables lateral and creative thinking, in quickly diagnosing and rectifying inconsistencies, which may crop up in normal functioning of the genset.
For land applications, it is possible to run various schemes or modes of operations such as automatic mains failure, protections and power management functions, fixed power, peak shaving and load take over.
For marine applications, it is possible to simulate a power management system with upto two generators, one tie-breaker and two shaft generators. The system simulates power management with load-dependent start/stop as well as heavy consumer and non-essential load handling.
Levels of training                                                                                                                         DEIF training programme offers:

Operator level training for end users, after the completion of which the end users qualify for safe optimised operation of DEIF controllers.
Service level advanced course of two days that enables the service personnel to install and commission DEIF controllers even in complex applications.
Designer level training enables to identify the right products and solutions and then how to design the DEIF products into switchboard system using M-logic in the utility software.
In addition to courses at its in-house training centre, DEIF conducts tailor-made capsule courses for on-site training at clients’ premises using its own switchboards and gensets. Training courses are individually arranged according to clients’ applications and demands of knowledge. This allows training to occur at any time and any place, reduces travel costs, provides with the possibility to access the experts and share knowledge. 

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