Fall of rupee hits solar power sector

Fall of rupee hits solar power sector“The current economic situation with steep rupee fall has created stumbling blocks,” said P.S.N. Raju, Managing Director, Access SolarAccess Solar is in the business of solar PV modules and cables. The company also offers PV solar systems through its associated partners. In an interview with EPR, P.S.N. Raju discusses the current trends and future opportunities.In India, solar power contributes less than 0.5 per cent of its energy mix and the government hopes to raise to 5-7 per cent by 2022. Is it an achievable target?The target of 5-7 per cent (solar power’s contribution to India’s energy mix) by 2022 is ambitious and it is achievable with favourable policies, positive government approach and improved economic situation.Keeping India’s potential solar generation capability in mind, don’t you think the target of 20,000 MW of solar energy by 2022 is not ambitious as projected?The target of 20,000 MW of solar energy by 2022 is ambitious but it is achievable.
What is your take on the current economic environment, especially since the rupee’s steep fall against the dollar?The current economic situation with steep rupee fall has created stumbling blocks. It has lead to slower industrial growth and survival difficulties.Are there any significant impacts on the businesses as far as solar power market is concerned?The rupee fall has impacted severely on business growth leading to postponement of scheduled projects and delay in commencement of completed projects due severe fund crunch.How are you riding out the current slowdown?The current situation has lead to underutilisation of plant capacity leading business losses.What is your comment on the existing local content requirement policy? Do you expect any kind of reforms in this area?It is good to hear about reform in the Domestic Content Requirement policy. This can be made applicable for PV solar modules. We expect the reforms to address the PV solar cells availability as the Indian PV solar cell manufacturer shall be required to meet the demand maintaining the good product quality and prices.What are the products and solutions you offer?We offer solar PV modules and solar cables. We also offer PV solar systems through our associated partners.What are the advantages of PV modules offered by you?We maintain world-class standards and process quality. We have multiple accreditations from IEC Rheinland, Germany, MNRE, RDSO and NETCAP.We offer best prices for our best quality products and maintain our commitment to customer with on time product delivery. Brief us on your manufacturing facility and capability.Our present plant capacity is capable of meeting 30 MW solar PV modules requirement. Depending on the market growth we intend to expand our production capacity to 100 MW.

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