India to catch up smart grid leaders

“Schneider offers complete smart grid solutions that are robustly engineered and rigorously tested for optimal performance,” says Anil Kadam, Senior Manager – Solution Architect (Utility Segment), Schneider Electric India
 Schneider Electric is one of the global leaders in the smart grid technology. Its cross-continental reach and presence in many geographies make it a prominent name. Anil Kadam shares why smart grids are the right solution to ensure uninterrupted power.
Smart grid and IndiaIt goes without saying that Schneider Electric India would wish to place the country at the top of this growth trajectory. On a more practical level, it should be noted that India has only begun to shift towards smart grids in recent years, while some nations enjoy a head start of more than a decade.
Notwithstanding this, with a proactive government now in power at the centre, Schneider is confident that India can catch up with the leaders, if it so desires, given the ambitious targets it has set on housing for all by 2022, the building of 100 smart cities, nationwide infrastructure development and ensuring energy security and 24/7 power for all citizens by boosting the mix of power from clean energy sources. Smart girds will need to play a crucial role if these ambitious targets are to be achieved within the mandated years.
Schneider and smart gridBacked by its global perspective, Schneider designs and develops complete smart grid solutions that are robustly engineered and rigorously tested for optimal performance in diverse operating environments – from humid tropical climes and dusty deserts to snow-capped mountains.
When it comes to smart grid technology, Schneider Electric is a global leader, considering its cross-continental reach and presence in many geographies — be they emerged or emerging economies.
Though the government is implementing measures to overhaul substandard T&D systems to reduce losses, this may take years. Therefore, smart grids are the right solution to ensure uninterrupted power for residential, commercial and industrial users. In the era of intelligent energy management, the smart gird promotes flexible distribution, enabling a more responsive, stable electrical network. It also delivers better quality power while drastically reducing network losses.
Smart grid and smart energySmart grids can function as the hub of smart energy, facilitating the ideal energy mix and the assurance of maximum output via the use of minimal resources.
Smart energy via a smart meter and smart grids can ensure power is used intelligently, ensuring lower power bills and low maintenance costs. Smart energy would take into account the time of day when power is being utilised as well as seasonal fluctuations and other relevant parameters to decide the necessary energy output. Smart energy is also geared to ascertain that energy usage leaves a lower carbon trail.
Schneider Electric already offers numerous products and services that address the needs of smart energy. With perennial power problems in many states across India, smart energy is imperative to ameliorate these hurdles by facilitating proper usage patterns to curb energy usage, save power and reduce bills. Given the government’s ambitious growth goals, smart energy could play a meaningful role in achieving these targets faster, with less wastage of resources and lower expenses. Against this backdrop, Schneider has been reaching out to prospective clients. 
Overcoming challengesWhile the cost barrier is a major challenge in smart grid adoption, Schneider emphasises that with almost 30 per cent savings in energy costs the system earns its own keep within a few years.
When some states shift faster onto the highway of higher growth and prosperity, the others will be unwilling to stay behind and naturally opt for smart grids.

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