Inviting the roaring power rangers

Inviting the roaring power rangersThe Indian power sector is poised for immense growth. Over the years, the power sector in India has grown exponentially. Today, it has an installed generation capacity of 2.27 GW. In 2012-13, it registered a growth rate of 3.96 per cent. However, due to rapid industrialisation and changes in lifestyle, the demand-supply gap is ever increasing. Delays in target capacity addition, shortage of fuel, AT&C losses and non-conducive government policies are crippling hindrances for India’s power shortage. To bridge this gap, the government plans to add capacity of 88,537 MW from conventional sources during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Driving on the abundant renewable resources, the ‘green’ power sector also offers significant opportunities. As per MNRE, grid interactive renewable capacity addition is about 30,000 MW, likely during the 12th Plan. On the other hand, availability of thorium makes India one of the future giants in nuclear power sector.India is preparing to position itself as one of the world’s major solar power producers in the coming years. This has led to large-scale deployments of solar projects and products across the country. In addition, the government is taking initiatives in solar power park and new technologies, adding fuel in the ever-growing popularity of solar power in India.Here is another good news. EPR is going to celebrate its first anniversary this November. To commemorate the anniversary, we will come out with a special issue on the theme ‘The Power Rangers’. The issue will feature the success stories of such players who have emerged as winners despite challenges all around. We’ll highlight their recent achievements, success stories and future growth strategies.Who’s who of the industry would share their voices. Our readers are also keen to listen to your success story. So hurry up, write to me at

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