L&T introduces mobile app for switchgear selection

L&T introduces mobile app for switchgear selection
Here is a mobile app that is going to redefine the way switchgear selection is made in electrical distribution systems. Available for the first time in India and developed by a group of innovative engineers at L&T Electrical & Automation, the app makes it simple, quick and convenient for users to select right products for reliable motor protection.
The app helps user in the selection of motor protection equipment for type-two coordination as defined by IEC:60947-4-1 and IS/IEC:60947-4-1. It replaces the conventional, manufacturer-published type-two selection charts that were circulated to customers, sales and service personnel in a catalogue format.
For correct selection of switchgear products for a motor with a particular KW/HP rating, the user had to glean through a large amount of data for arriving at his requirement. The process was tedious, time consuming and prone to human errors resulting in users sometimes making incorrect selection or overlooking some data in a hurry. Further, many users did not have access to the latest data and often missed out critical changes that had taken place in charts due to the unavailability of updated catalogues.
Called ProductWhiz, the new app is market and customer centric. The mobile application has been devised to create an efficient, accurate, portable and user-friendly tool that would serve the dual purpose of making an accurate product selection and becoming popular in the community of electrical engineers. Creating such a mobile app for switchgear industry has become a viable proposition with an increase in the use of smart phones and Android operating systems. Smart phones — specifically Android systems — have gained popularity because they offer people apps for every requirement. The app will soon be extended to users of Blackberry and Apple phones.
ProductWhiz comes absolutely free. For downloading the app, one needs to have an Internet connection on the mobile phone. Downloading is hassle free and can be done from anywhere.
Salient features of the app•Modern and user-friendly interface: Its software interface has been designed keeping in mind a large user base. One can get used to it in just a few clicks. It enables making quick selections and also reduces possibility of errors. Its ‘selection on the go’ feature enables users to make smart, quick selection at the click of a button. The app is truly intuitive. •Intelligent adaptive logic-based selection: Based on the selection in the previous level the next level choices get modified which makes the software fast and accurate and narrows down the user’s search.•Integrated email and SMS options: Switchgear selections can instantly be shared with anyone at any time — a boon for the sales team who get constant enquiries for selection.•Dynamic inbuilt update feature: Software update along with incorporation of all the new modifications is extremely useful particularly since new products are continually added to the basket. This ensures that user has access to correct and accurate information at all times despite type-two charts undergoing frequent modifications.

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