Moser Baer Solar promoting bi-lateral trade with Japan

Moser Baer Solar Ltd. (MBSL), one of the largest integrated solar PV manufacturers and a subsidiary of Moser Baer India Ltd., has crossed more than ` 100 crore PV module sales in the highly competitive Japan market during April-December 2013. MBSL has been exporting solar PV modules to Japan for last 4 years, and the volume of shipments has increased significantly in last 9 months. Japan’s solar market is growing exponentially, driven by their focus on using renewable energy.
Vivek Chaturvedi, Chief Marketing Officer, Moser Baer Solar, said, “Japan traditionally is amongst the world’s most quality conscious markets, and we are proud to have established an Indian brand in high technology space here. This reiterates India’s capability to develop, manufacture and deliver world-class products across categories globally. The opportunity is big, and we look forward to further our commitments in Japan’s journey toward promoting clean energy. A strong quality focus, and our understanding of Japan market sensitivities in general and Japan solar PV business in specific has resulted in this significant growth in shipments.”
The earliest installation in Japan using Moser Baer Solar PV Modules is now almost 3-year olds, performing at consistently better levels than estimated by the owners. Moser Baer Solar Elite PV Modules are already popular with Japan’s biggest solar EPC companies and developers.

Company becomes the first and only high-end technology brand from India to achieve this significant mark in during Apr- Dec 2013
It is amongst the first of the few non Japanese companies to have products certified by extremely stringent JET under JIS Q8901 and JET PVm certification

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