Perkins committed to make India grow

Perkins committed to make India grow“Commitment and a clear vision of what we will deliver for our customers are vitally important,” expresses Nigel Baseley, Marketing Director, Perkins EnginesA leader needs to focus on teamwork and inclusiveness. Nigel Baseley likes to work with his team to develop a clear strategy to meet the needs of their customers, stakeholders and employees. He shares why Perkins people are critical to our success, with their engagement helping to drive the delivery of all aspects of our business.Establishing in Indian marketThroughout the last year, Perkins has worked hard to establish itself in the Indian market. The company has worked closely with a number of customers in India for more than 30 years, but in order to grow its business and support its customers in expanding their businesses, Perkin has spent time reviewing its strategy and is now deploying it in the market. To support its continued growth, it has focused on building a strong, capable local team both at the facility in Aurangabad and in its sales and marketing office in Bangalore.Remaining stable in challenging timeThe company’s main focus is the less than 750 kVA market, which is supported by its range of electric power engines from the 400 Series up to the most powerful 4000 Series offering. In this power range, the market for generator sets has remained stable with the industry predicting future growth below 750 kVA in the coming years. Developing relationshipsPerkins has spent a considerable amount of time, developing relationships with key influencers and end customers in the market and continues to do so. This methodology is important to Perkins as it is a business which focuses on the customer.Construction work continues at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aurangabad, which once finished will give an initial capacity to build 3,000 4000 Series engines a year for customers in India, China and the wider Asia.Perkins is localising the components on the 4000 Series which will be built in Aurangabad and has used this time to review and deploy its local strategy, while focusing on and strengthening its product line to ensure it meets its local customer requirements both now and in the future.Commitment to customersCommitment and a clear vision of what an organisation will deliver for its customers are vitally important. Perkins is committed to the India market and will, going forward, serve its customers’ needs for quality and dependable 4000 Series engines locally from its manufacturing facility in Aurangabad. The company is also committed to providing its customers with a broad range of tailored solutions to meet their power requirements and those of their customers, both now and in the future.Success mantraIndia is one of the largest and most important markets for diesel generators, providing both prime and standby power solutions. Customers rightly expect to be listened to and require consistently dependable power solutions, which are easy to install and cost-effective to operate. Listening to and developing relationships with customers, while at the same time providing them with a recognised and trusted product that meets their needs, is vital for success. Regaining industry momentumThe GOI policies and local consumption have so far been central to economic growth in the country and will continue to be important factors in stimulating for example, local infrastructure, retail and the IT/ITES sector. In addition the supply links for sectors like commodities; energy and infrastructure need continued attention to secure ongoing investments.Industry in next 5 yearsThe drive to secure long-term stability and economic growth in India is being supported by India’s Five-Year Plan through which a phenomenal $1 trillion investment is being made in the country’s infrastructure. To deliver much of this, however, a reliable, cost-effective source of prime and standby power is required.This level of infrastructure development in India which will create significant opportunities for reliable, cost-effective power delivered through a variety of generator sets, coupled with an increased demand for industrial equipment. Power demands are going to be strong, with the demand for distributed/rental power also increasing. Perkins expects the electric power sector in India to continue to grow on an annual basis, increasing the market opportunity for its engines in India in the years to come.Supporting customersPerkins has the right products available for customers to meet their differing needs, ensuring that together, they can continue to grow their business. Its strategy for growth in India builds on the good work that it is already undertaking in partnership with its valued customers to provide a range of high-quality engines, which deliver dependable, cost-effective power solutions, backed by its aftermarket network. Perkins is also continuing to work closely with its customers to help them grow their business and support their long-term export ambitions.

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