Power sector to make a comeback Power Grid

We see a good future. This is a temporary phenomenon of bad phases, may be because of the coal crunch, says I. S. Jha, Director (Projects), PGCIL
In an exclusive interview with EPR, I. S. Jha, Director (Projects) , PGCIL discusses issues surrounding Indian power transmission sector.
Indian power sector is going through a tough phase how do you foresee that?We see a good future. This is a temporary phenomenon of bad phases, may be because of the coal crunch otherwise past five-six years have been very good. We are adding more than 20,000 MW generation every year. We are also adding number of transmission line systems and number of high capacity has been planned to get quick power attribute. That is why we are seeing the positive side and growth.
Major hurdles which are coming in the way are coal scarcity, fuel shortage and the financial position of the distribution company.
Very soon power sector will make a comeback and we see a lot of growth potential.
What are the major problems the power transmission sector is facing?Major problems that we face today is right of constraints to lay the task. As per the act we do not purchase the land, we just access the right of it and provide good compensation to the land owners. A lot of problems come over there.
The financial condition of discoms is not very good, how does it impact your company?Bill realisation is 98 per cent that is why it is not affecting our business. Of course some distribution companies have certain financial conditions and are facing the deficit. However they are improving and the government is addressing the situation.
Transmission remains the core business of power grid, are you targeting anything apart from transmission?Yes, but for now we are majorly focusing on transmission expansion. We are investing Rs. 1 lakh crores and in the last three years we have gone up. We have already invested more than Rs. 40,000 crores and we will invest Rs.46,000 crore in next 2-3 years.
What is the status of the smart grid projects?Smart grid projects are a new concept from the central government 14 states have been sanctioned for the pilot project. We have developed a smart city in Pondicherry. We are also giving consultancy to nine states in the pilot project.
What are your expectations from the newly elected government?Overall it is a good feeling – projects will go up. Actually the success of Power Grid depends on every sector like distribution company, generation, etc., eventually power grid will go up and there is a good feeling all over the country.

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