SCOPE vying to be world leader

SCOPE vying to be world leader“SCOPE will be world leader in providing innovative solutions in the field of T&M, protection and services to power sector,” emphasizes Sanjay Kulkarni, Chairman, SCOPE T&M Pvt. Ltd.SCOPE has started in 1988 with the intent of designing portable test and measuring instruments to ensure the performance of equipment used in electrical substations. In a short span of time, SCOPE has realised this vision and now provides circuit breakers, surge arrestor, relay and transformer testing equipment such as CB analyzer, dynamic contact resistance meter, leakage current analyzer, micro-ohm meter and winding resistance meter. Sanjay Kulkarni shares how SCOPE has become a trusted brand for field-testing instruments and solutions in more than 30 countries.SCOPE’s horizontal expansionSCOPE is focusing on horizontal expansion. The company is now not only in T&M (Test and Measurement) business but also in protection. In protection, SCOPE is engaged in executing control and relay panels (CRP) and substation automation systems (SAS) for 400 kV, 220 kV and 132 kV ratings of substations for state-owned transmission companies. Its business has grown by 20 per cent in last year.Fighting challengesThere were delays in closing new contracts as well as getting clearances for executing existing contracts. To make the thing worst, SCOPE’s customers like government utilities and private companies delayed the payments much beyond the mutually agreed terms. This has put tremendous pressure on its cash-flow management. Today the biggest challenge for the industry is “how to manage cash-flow”, especially for SMEs.The volatility of Indian rupee against US dollar is another big challenge to all the industries.Overcoming challengesSCOPE takes its employees and suppliers in confidence and shared with them present condition in the market with SWOT analysis. The company also enrolled them into adopting lean management, reduced duplication of work and controlled expenses.Leadership qualitiesA leader should possess the ability of executing his Job, setting his example to his subordinate and developing leadership qualities in his subordinate with final objective of creating his replacement. A leader should also be a good trainer.Involving stakeholdersA company should always takes its all stakeholders into confidence, periodically share with them its performance of and market situations. Enrollment of every stakeholder in the mission of doing “profitable business” is must.Regaining industry’s momentumTimely clearance of all infra projects by the government, allotment of resources, and inject the culture of honouring the contract terms from customer and suppliers should be taken into consideration to regain industry’s momentum.Industry in 5 years down the linePower industry in which SCOPE has major share is necessity for every person. Good demand from this sector is expected down the line in 5 years. The 12th Plan projection of MoP (Ministry of Power) is clearly substantiate this claim.SCOPE in futureSCOPE hopes to be world leader in providing innovative solutions in the field of T&M, protection and services to power sector.

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