SKF solutions for traditional energy industries

SKF solutions for traditional energy industries
Combining expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication, mechatronics and services with decades of industry experience, SKF has a range of integrated solutions to help increase production, reduce the need for maintenance and extend machine service life while cutting energy consumption and lowering costs. SKF magnetic bearingsSKF magnetic bearings can mean less maintenance and environmental impact in traditional energy applications.  Because magnetic bearings operate with no metal-to-metal contact, there is virtually no bearing friction generated and no bearing wear. The simplified, hermetic design also eliminates the need for seals, and with them, the need for big-footprint lubrication systems.  Combined, these features reduce maintenance demands and noise while eliminating emissions and lessening the risk of gas leaks. Applications include gas storage compressors; gas treatment turbo-expanders; gas lift or reinjection compressors; sub-sea compressors; gas transport compressors; ethylene / polyethylene compressors; industrial air compressors; power generation turbo-generators; pressure let down turbogenerators.  SKF Supergrip boltsSKF Supergrip bolts significantly reduce turbine coupling dismounting or mounting time and costs.  After long service, conventional fitted coupling bolts can seize, making removal difficult and dangerous. To free the bolts requires man hours and lost power generation, while reassembly can involve hours of fitting bolts, honing holes and “mauling” bolts into place with a sledgehammer.  SKF Supergrip bolts remove the risk of adding hours or days to scheduled outages. Designed for insertion and removal with an initial clearance fit, SKF Supergrip bolts eliminate seized and jammed bolts. Once tension and expansion pressure is released, the bolts slide out as easily as they slide in. SKF Supergrip bolts also simplify hole machining and require no bolt grinding, eliminating re-reaming and re-honing. They also eliminate coupling slippage, help simplify shaft alignment, and can be used repeatedly for the life of the turbine. Applications include steam turbine couplings, gas turbine couplings and generator couplings.

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