Smart technology to drive T&M market

“SCOPE is aligned to the “Make in India” initiative by focusing on developing technology, applications and innovative concepts,” says Sanjay Kulkarni, Chairman, Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd.
SCOPE specialises in offering measuring solutions used in generation, transmission and distribution of power. In an exclusive interview with EPR, Sanjay Kulkarni gives an overview of the T&M industry highlighting the optimistic roadmap for his company.
What kind of demand is there for T&M products in the Indian market?T&M products are used into three main segments of power industry i.e. power generation, power transmission and power distribution. SCOPE is offering products and services to all these three segments and power distribution is been further divided into high voltage and low voltage. We are present in high voltage side and now in making foot mark in low voltage side.
The demand for T&M products for all these segments is increasing due to the fact that our generation, transmission and distribution are increasing every year. Add to that is a drive taken by our government in smart grid and smart cities. This will call for reliable and efficient operations of substation assets such as protection relays, transformers, circuit breakers, isolators, CTs & PTs, lightening arresters etc. and their 100 per cent availability in the grid. The only way to ensure this is to have full proof program is through periodic health check-up of these assets. So T&M products will always be in demand for next 20 years in our country.
Today customers expect T&M products not only to do the testing but also back up with software which can analyse the test data to figure it out, how much effective life the test object (DUT- Device under Test or Asset) has before it fails. An analytics of data which is accumulated over a period of time gives intelligent formation or instructions to the user such as what, when and how to take corrective action such as replacement or repair of these assets with minimal downtime.
We at SCOPE R&D are working very hard to accept these challenges and offer “simple solution for difficult measurements”.
What are the technological trends you foresee in the T&M market in India?Invention is mother of necessity and technology is SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to make this happen. Technological trends catching up in market are intelligent T&M instruments or we can now call “Smart T&M Instruments” which offers not only testing the substation assets but also analytics for taking corrective actions or decisions.
Majority of critical T&M instruments will be on-line, remotely operated and communicated with the SLDs, and LDCs with standardise communication protocols such as IEC 61850. There will be application software which have capabilities of churning very large data in fraction of seconds and give corrective actions well in advance to the user to ensure 100 per cent availability of substation assets operating at maximum efficiency level.
How do you plan to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative?SCOPE is aligned to the “Make in India” initiative by focusing on developing technology, applications and innovative concepts in the field of measurements. We have already triggered our expansion of products and services in the field of power sector automation and communication to become major domestic as well as international player in the field of T&M.
Which are the different sectors where you seek to enhance your reach?SCOPE is major player in power industry. However we are now focusing to other industries such as railways, oil and gas, metal, cement, process industries etc. Our future products and services will also be catered to these industries. SCOPE will not only bring more and more T&M products but also bring other products and services which are essential in expanding distribution network and other industries.

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