TBEA India aims to be No. 1 in transformer space

“We consider India as a biggest market. Our vision is to be number one player in Indian transformer market within next 5 to 7 years,” says Ashish Srivastava, AGM and Head – Business Development, India, TBEA
TBEA Shenyang is one of the largest manufacturers of transformers in China. The company has set up a facility in India and aims to provide totally ‘Indianised’ products for local market. In an interview with Subhajit Roy, Ashish Srivastava outlines the company’s strategies towards becoming a complete Indian player.
TBEA is into power transmission business for last 70 years. How do you look at the journey of TBEA in India?Our parent company TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group, China has come up with a very clear vision about the business context in India. Earlier, we have participated as TBEA Shenyang and succeeded getting many orders of 765 kV transformer and reactors from Powergrid. We consider India as a biggest market. Therefore, we have come up with a manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat with 100 per cent FDI. Our vision is to be number one player in Indian transformer market within next 5 to 7 years.
What are the strategies you have in place to reach the number one spot?Firstly, we have come up with the plant which is the most automated plant in the country. The manufacturing operations of this plant will take place in the three phases – transformer reactor, GIS and cable, and then the solar. Our objective is to cater the complete T&D solution to the customers and we want to be in the grid from all aspects. We will be completing all the three phases in coming years.
Secondly, we don’t have any JV or any tie-up so that in later stage we will not have any problem in terms of execution of our strategies and plan. It is complete hold of our parent company.
Thirdly, we are making this unit completely ‘Indianised’ which reflects how we want to do business in India. Most of our employees are Indians. We are picking the experts from the industry who understand the business, clients, products, and technicality of products. So we are making the mix of all the best to have the target business for us.
How is the competitiveness in the market?Competition is quite tough because of the pricing. Also, some important players already exist in the market.
Are you facing any kind of difficulties being a having the Chinese connection?Trust level among the customers is the biggest challenge. At times, it becomes difficult for us to convince customers. It is a common phenomenon about Chinese products that they are not good in quality – we are also feeling that heat.
Secondly, most of the time TBEA India products do not qualify QRs (quality requirements) for various utilities as we are yet to complete 2 years of operations in India. 
Also, many utilities demand short circuit test report for 315 MVA, 400 kV Transformer which is still under process. That’s why we do not qualify for many SEBs.
How you are going to address these challenges?For short circuit, we are confident of sorting out the issue by third quarter of this year.
What are you doing in regards to the brand building?Brand building is going on pretty well! We have established our offices in all five regions in India namely Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Vadodara. We have a whole marketing set up now and doing the promotion of our products and brand.
We have already penetrated in more than 10 states. Recently we have got orders from HVPNL in Haryana and GETCO in Gujarat. We are participating in almost all tenders and we are also participating in events like Elecrama, Gridtech, and Vibrant Gujarat.
How the products are priced to your nearest competitors?Yes, pricing is an issue. Mostly, we are going neck and neck with our competitors.
What advantages you’ll have through localisation?We will be known as an Indian company. Through localisation the Chinese factor will be eliminated from the mindset of our customers. Also, once we start manufacturing the products locally, our qualification will build. Therefore, in another 2 to 3 years, we will be qualified in almost all SEBs on our own name TBEA Energy India.
What are the product categories you aim at to get qualified for all the SEBs?Definitely in power transformer, reactors and GIS. Since the current facility is for power transformer and reactors, initially our target will be approval for participation for transformer and reactors.
Do you have adequate sales and marketing network to cater to the demand of Indian market?We are new here and have already set up our offices in all regions. We want to further subdivide and reach to the important cities like Bengaluru, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Jaipur.

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