The trend of minimalism in lighting design

The trend of minimalism in lighting design
A new lighting trend which makes spaces to look less complicated, saves energy and create a healthy living environment
These days, minimalism is a trend. It attributes to one of the choicest decorations of contemporary lifestyle. The basic highlight of minimalistic design is that it uses only the necessary elements to enhance spaces.
Minimalistic design makes spaces to look less complicated and more elegant. The touch of ‘less is more’ is quite evident in such designs, and an array of simplicity keeps pouring at every step. Today’s living environment is very demanding as it involves high pressures and fast-paced approach. That’s why complex lighting systems often look inefficient to install, and one looks for soothing lighting effects to find peace within one’s lifestyle.
The trend of minimalism has been felt in every aspect of designing, especially in the lighting industry. The widespread popularity about minimalism in lighting states that there is less dependence on the light fixture and visibility of the product while the focus is on concealed lighting or indirect source of light.
Identifying key, important feature and accent lighting are important in minimalism lighting design. The accent lighting can be used for general illumination rather than general lighting like chandelier, wall light etc. As the light is well-used when reflected of the surfaces, this approach creates dramatic ambience and at the same time enables to have better use the energy consumed through effect lights.
Today the trend has been followed by using linear LED lights which is very useful for subtle, dramatic lighting effects. However, people have to be very careful in using good quality LED lights with high quality and consistency of the colour and intensity. Several European companies -such as iGuzzini and LED Linear – offer these high-quality LED strips. Also, the price of these lights is slightly more than the alternatives. But high-quality LED lights can assure better ROI (Return on Investment) and better durability of the lighting fixture.
It is also worth mentioning that LED lights, concealed lights and accent lights illuminate the focal point of the space. The long-operational life of these lights is a stark contrast as compared to the incandescent bulb. The key strength of LED lights is that it reduces power consumption. Accent lights, on the other hand, are equally popular as they use less energy. It has been observed that led, accent and concealed lights conserve the society as they do not possess harmful mercury in them.
These lights also require proper care. If they left uncared, they can leave a negative impression about the space. One has to be careful and diligent while cleaning up the lights, which require proper handling.
Today’s need is simple lighting solutions and effective energy saving measures to create a healthy living environment. The minimalistic lighting designs are well-styled and improve the use of light.
Lastly, it is worth mentioning that these lights add beauty and elegance to every part of the space.
Authored by:Akash Kakar, Managing Director, LSI

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