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The world of sustainable energy transition @ELECRAMA 2023

February 17, 2023 4:35 pm

The world of sustainable energy transition @ELECRAMA 2023

ELECRAMA, IEEMA’s largest stand-alone showcase of the Indian Electrical and Allied Electronics Industry, will take place from February 18th to 22nd, 2023, at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. Under the theme “Reimagine Energy—For a Sustainable Future,” this edition will focus on innovation and future technologies in energy storage, green hydrogen, fuel cells, AI, and the Internet of Things. Furthermore, we will examine our commitment to sustainability through energy conservation, carbon net zero, and smart consumption.
Over USD 70 billion has been invested in renewable energy in India over the last seven years. A quick look at the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the country’s GVA reveals that it has traditionally contributed 16-17 percent of the GVA. Due to the COVID pandemic and decreased demand, this fell to 14.4 percent in FY 21. Furthermore, the Electrical and Allied Electronics industry’s contribution to the manufacturing sector ranges from 6.5 percent to 7 percent and has remained nearly constant over the last five years. The country’s total equipment exports have grown at a 10-year CAGR of 11.7 percent, while imports have grown at a CAGR of 2.4 percent. The contribution of electrical equipment exports to total exports has been consistent over the years and has been estimated to be 2.8-3.1 percent. Electricity penetration in allied sectors will rise by 2047, as will the industry’s position as a leader in future technologies and across the value chain. Some of the key exhibitors briefly discuss their perspectives and areas of focus during the 5-day ELECRAMA 2023.
Expressing their views on the 15th edition of ELECRAMA, leaders across the power and energy sectors elaborate on the products and solutions that are exhibited at the exhibition.
ELECRAMA is India’s largest event for the electrical industry, where Indian and international customers and key decision-makers come under one roof. Commenting on this, Bhushan Sawhney, Executive President and Chief Business Officer of Polycab India, says, “We are consistently participating in ELECRAMAs, and every time it has provided us with a unique experience.” We will also exhibit our entire range of smart home automation products and our FMEG product range, which includes fans, lights, luminaries, switches, switchgear, pumps, and solar.a
ELECRAMA brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that power the planet from source to socket and everything in between. Discussing further, Ketan Vora, Director of Waa Cables, mentions that he is pleased to see that the near-term focus of this event is on energy transition, demonstrating innovation and future technology, which is consistent with the vision of the Government of India. For the industry’s growth and success, certain areas present unlimited business opportunities in the future, including start-ups and new businesses where massive capital investments are being made.
T&M solutions @Display
“Our focus at ELECRAMA is to provide proper solutions to the needs and problems of the power industry,” says Navin Goliya, Director, Kusam Meco Import Export Pvt. Ltd. Kusam Meco is introducing new instruments like the Power & Harmonics Clampmeter, AC/DC Power Clamp Meters, Loop Impedance Meters, Clampmeters, and Multimeter for Solar Energy Recording Data Instruments for Railways, etc.
Testo will showcase many products applicable to applications ranging from indoor environment and equipment condition monitoring to electrical troubleshooting and data logging. Detailing further, Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd., says, “The main highlight would be our wide range of thermal imagers. Testo India provides 890 high-end thermal imagers that can be used to inspect assets such as switch yards and transmission lines. Testo 868 and Testo 872 are the best entry-level thermal cameras for applications in electrical cabinets, solar panels, circuits, and other mechanical or electrical components. They have an unmatched price-to-performance ratio and would be a key product to watch out for in ELECRAMA 2023.
ELECRAMA 2023_EPR Magazine
Electrical Accessories 
Elcom International is a global leader that provides electromechanical and electronic components. Highlighting their key focus at Elecrama 2023, Dr. Girish Vaze, Managing Director, Elcom International Pvt. Ltd., says that they will be enthralled by Elcom’s new products, which include industrial plugs, sockets, connections, EV connectors, power strips, and IDC wiretap connectors.
Whereas, Eaton, on the other side will showcase a wide range of power products for use in buildings, businesses, manufacturing facilities, and other sectors. In addition, they will showcase their digital solutions, including Brightlayer, a software program that enables customers to access data, business insights, and digital solutions, explained Ripunjay Parikh, Director of Sales – Power Distribution, Eaton India.
ERDA will showcase research and expert services in power systems analytics, power quality, failure analysis, energy management, and diagnostics (NDT and RLA) through the state-of-the-art Engineering Analysis Centre and innovative technology development through the Power Electronics Laboratory and Advance Material Laboratory. “We will also display its capability in an innovative research programme on advanced cell chemistry for energy storage,”, explains Dr. Satish Chetwani, Director, ERDA.


Ketan Vora, Director, Waa Cables
Waa Cables has been awarded “Vyapaar Ratna”, and “Best Product of the Year – 2022” in the Wires and Cables.
 Ripunjay Parikh, Director of Sales – Power Distribution, Eaton India
Eaton will showcase the XIRIA range, LV control gear solutions, MV distribution solutions, and EV infrared solutions at ELECRAMA 2023.
Dr. Satish Chetwani, Director, ERDA.
We are showcasing research and expert services in power systems analytics, power quality, and failure analysis.
Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
Our products with unrivalled price-to-performance ratios will be a MUST to watch out for at ELECRAMA 2023.
 Ratna Garapati, MD & CEO of CyanConnode India 
The Omnimesh long-range RF solution, our most recent innovation for the Indian market, will be the focus of our attention.

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