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Bharat Insulation Company helps achieving quality and consistency of winding wire

Winding wire also known as armature wires, magnet wire, super enamelled wire or enamelled wire plays a major role and is a key raw material in the electrical sector and in the consumption and generation of electricity. A good quality winding wire ensures efficiency, lower power consumption and increased longevity of the electrical device.

There are two key factors, amongst many others, that determine the quality and consistency of winding wire:

Copper used in manufacturing of wire
The effect of slight increase in the impurities is hazardous to the electrical and physical properties of copper. Unfortunately, a very large segment of manufacturers uses reprocessed copper which is made out of melting scrap and is not refined very
well. This in turn causes higher power consumption, lower efficiency and longevity because of its lower conductivity and impurities.

Enamel used in manufacturing of wire
About 60 per cent of magnet wire manufactured in India are Class 130 (B Class) which means they have low temperature index which passes heat shock at temperature of only 155-degree C as opposed to a recommended Class 155 (F Class) which should pass heat shock at temperature of 175-degree C heat shock is the ability of wire to withstand temperature exposure when stretched or wound. If the Class of wire is low, it will have low thermal stability and inferior performance at higher temperature. Developed countries predominately manufacturer and consume wire with a Temperature Class of 155 and above.

In India, many manufacturers use Class 130 enamel and label it as Class 155. Bharat Insulation Company uses only LME grade ETP copper which has excellent electrical conductivity greater than or equal to 101 per cent as defined IACS (The International Annealed Copper Standard). In addition, the company uses enamel which has a true Class of 155-degree C.

Bharat Insulation Company also has continuous online pin-hole testers on its enamelling lines. This in turn helps the equipment manufacturers who use Bharat Insulation Company’s wire to save in warranty costs and helps reduce the power consumption of their product, saving the manufacturer upwards of 10 per cent of their cost in the long run.

For more details, visit www.bicwire.com


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