Elecrama 2018

C&S Electric unveils slew of innovative products

In MV switchgear, C&S is focusing on solutions for the power distribution network which are smart, automation ready and meeting the local utility conditions.

C&S Electric Ltd, one of the leading manufactures and exporters of electrical and electronic products, plans to launch a number of products in LV and MV switchgear segments and LED floodlight products at the forthcoming ELECRAMA.

In LV switchgear, C&S will be launching its new range of ACBs with current range of 630A~2500A with microprocessor based thermal, short time, instantaneous and ground fault protection features. The product will find application in process industries, steel mills, cement industries, power plants, NTPC, electricity boards, smart cities and power distribution

They will also be introducing 3P and 4P Winbreak1 MCCB Series in a current range of 16A~125A. The product range find its target markets in power distribution, electricity boards, residential and commercial buildings

Along with ACBs and MCCBs, C&S will display the power contactors in rating from 1250A to 2600A, AC1 ratings. The lightweight, compact design contactors are UL approved and comes with high mechanical and electrical life. The power contactors are available with AC DC coil and they can operate up to 1000V rated voltage without derating. The product finds applications in wind energy panels and solar panels up to 2.8 MW.

C&S will be launching DOL and Star delta starters (up to 12.5HP) motors with smart electronic controller for submersible pump applications. The starters can be operated through remote location by mobile phone using SMS, missed call, IVRS and manual options. The starters provide protection against under and over voltage, overloading, single phasing, phase imbalance, locked rotor, dry run etc. It has function of metering and monitoring of phase voltage, phase current, system power factor and active energy etc and communicating features through GSM and GPRS.

In protection and measurement devices range, C&S shall be launching self-powered relay for RMU. The self-powered relay will be equipped with the feature of working at very low load currents of 5 per cent. Working at such low load currents is very challenging so with this feature, it makes the product unique to offer in the global market.

Self-powered relay for RMU will have disturbance recording or event recording features with advance communications like IEC-103. Self-powered relay will go to the RMU manufacturers across the globe. End-customer will be electricity distribution companies or utilities.

In MV switchgear, C&S is focusing on solutions for the power distribution network which are smart, automation ready and meeting the local utility conditions. The company will be displaying Ring Main Unit which is a passive device, integrated with an intelligent FRTU and Modem to make is ready for DMS (Distribution Management System). The target market for these are various private and public discoms operating the urban areas and especially in smart city projects.

In lighting, C&S will launch a new floodlight series Orion-H. The super high wattage LED comes with super throw and find applications in high masts and towers, ports and jetties, airports, inland ports, container yards, silo and storage yards, sports stadium, architectural façade, any area with restricted, mounting and long throw requirements.

For more details, visit www.cselectric.co.in

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