Elecrama 2018

Mitsubishi Electric: Addressing Smart Manufacturing with IoT

Our products and solutions are the answer to the need of smart manufacturing in modern days’ and upcoming revolutionary industrial era.

Gopal Jha, Product Manager- LVS Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd

Mitsubishi Electric has a number of products with cutting-edge technology, which will be displayed during Elecrama 2018. It is going to showcase comprehensive range of power distribution, energy monitoring and factory automation products along with its unique product i.e. e-F@ctorysolutions.

“e-F@ctory is an Industrial enterprise solution with seamless integration of machines and processes from shop floor to top floor through high-speed connectivity, reliable data transmission and precise control – all deployed using tailored, robust and proven factory automation products and solutions. It is the answer to the need of smart manufacturing in modern days’ and upcoming revolutionary industrial era. In order to further support our customers in developing their overall business approach we offer consultation with subject expertise on industrial automation and information technology”, says Mr. Gopal Jha, Product Manager- LVS Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd

In this edition of Elecrama, we are going to display working model of smart power distribution using its ACB, MCCB, and energy metering products connected over CC-link network and upstream ethernet network. It will also have motor control products (magnetic contactors, MPCBS, OLR, EOCR, solid state contactors etc), energy metering products (multi-function meters, energy monitoring servers, eco monitor light, eco monitor plus etc) and final distribution products such as MCB, RCCB, isolators and distributions boards, he adds further.

Unique features
e-F@ctory solutions make full use of world class factory automation products, cutting edge control technology, networking and IT solutions to ‘visualize’ operations’ information, including quantitative and qualitative data. It links production equipment to the higher operations, execution systems to allow information to be analysed at various levels and incorporated into processes and operations to ensure quality, traceability. “Basically, the e-F@ctory platform substantially improves quality, work schedules and productivity by having significant vertical data integration from shop-floor to enterprise level. This platform not only scales extremely well and can be used for monitoring, operation and maintenance information from single equipment to a distributed network of machines, but also for production assets of several lines, factories or sites, that can be considered to be a ‘production cloud’ “, asserts Jha.

Talking about its outstanding features, Jha said that, “The LVS products offer differentiating features such as wide range, higher breaking capacities, lowest watt losses, extremely modular construction for adaptability and scalability to accommodate protection, monitoring functions as and when required. All these advantages associated with LV switchgears make these products safe, reliable and efficient.”

The switchgear products are green in line with latest environmental guidelines. With superb technical characteristics and variants suiting to different applications, Mitsubishi Electric has products to offer to every customer segment. While they comply with international norms and standards, the LVS products are also certified suitable for marine application.

Target markets
Mitsubishi Electric provides solutions for varied industries. It has been strong in sectors like automobile, pharma, textiles, water and waste water treatment, f&b and plastics. It also provide automation solutions for targeted applications like crane, cement, sugar, winding/unwinding, tyre and solar.

The LVS range of products find application in project utility, retail, panel building, and many other industrial applications. Apart from this robot is used in varied applications ranging from automobile to pharma industries.

The graphic operations controller (GOC) is a versatile PLC with HMI and can be used for basic automation needs in various industries.

“With the need for connected enterprises and IoT on the rise, e-F@ctory is a unique solution for smart manufacturing,” said Jha.
Together, these technologies and products have helped OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer), SI’s (system integrator), panel builders, consultants and EPC contractors catering to different applications in providing reliable solution.

The factory automation and industrial division (FAID) brings higher productivity to the factory floor by offering a vast range of automation technologies, like e-F@ctory, inverters (AC drives), compact and modular PLC’s, motion controllers & AC servo’s, visualization products like human-machine interfaces – HMI’s (including the locally developed and manufactured compact HMI with PLC, graphic operation controller – GOC), SCADA, power-saving technologies such as e&ecoF@ctory, computerized numerical controllers (CNCs),robots and low voltage switchgear products, he further added.

Mitsubishi Electric products enable energy management through visualization which leads to energy saving. They are also customer-friendly because of their functionality and compatibility.

“Mitsubishi Electric is very popular in automotive industry as the most reliable solution provider in the field of automation, electrical distribution, controls and energy monitoring. Many industries have been experiencing the benefit of these solutions for many years. We intend to reach out to more and more number of industries and their stakeholders with its advance and innovative products and solutions,” asserted Jha.

For more details, in.mitsubishielectric.com

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