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NGEPL: Setting benchmark in T&M

Our instruments are widely accepted by the manufacturers in the power sector due to quality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments, supported by strong after-sales service team.

Ather Salim, Director, Next Gen Equipments Pvt Ltd (NGEPL)

NGEPL represents world-class companies in India. How do you see the competitiveness?
Competitiveness in the market is always there, however we are able to increase our market share with technologically advanced products with better accuracy. Our focus is to provide 360-degree solution to customer. Also, we have been very cautious with respect to the companies we represent and to add products which complement each other. We are adding new products in our portfolio on regular basis along with the focus on our existing products to increase our market share.

Over the past few years, we have developed RAYTECH and EPRO as unique brands in the Indian power industry. Next Gen Equipments Pvt Ltd (NGEPL) is known for its excellent support for its customer both in terms of sales and services. We are now ISO: 9001-9015 certified organisation for our service standard.

How do you see the acceptance of high-end T&M equipment in Indian power sector?
Our instruments are widely accepted by the manufacturers in the power sector due to quality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments, supported by strong after-sales service team. Over the period of time, we have built-up a strong after-service team which provides the 24*7 support to the customers. Our major customer base is 220 KV to 1,200 KV transformer manufacturers in past and now our products are also started getting acceptability from manufacturers making small and medium transformers. Most of the independent audit and inspection agencies treat our products as benchmark for testing and heavily rely upon the results given by our units. We have also got wide acceptance in third-party testing agencies like ERDA and CPRI.

As you are going to participate in ELECRAMA 2018, what will be your core objectives?
Our core objective during ELECRAMA will be to understand the customer requirement in changing market scenario along with promotion of our existing product range. As we are putting up many equipment on display, the customers can have a feel of ease of operation and features at the stall itself. Also, as people form our principal companies like RAYTECH and EPRO will be available, we see as a great opportunity for visitors to see and discuss the requirements at one place itself. As we are expanding our base to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, we see it as a great platform to show our products to visitors form these neighbouring countries as well.

What are the products and solutions will be on display?
We will be displaying winding resistance, three-phase and single turns ratio meter, micro ohm meters, automatic current transformer test set CT – T1 from Raytech Switzerland; Standard voltage and current transformers with 0.005 per cent accuracy from EPRO Austria; 0 to 100 KV/300mA AC/DC high voltage testers from ETL Pruftechnik, Germany; and online battery health analyser from USA.

We will also be having solution for fully-automatic transformer loss measurement system or transformer test system for testing small and medium voltage transformers. Experts from EPRO will be available at our stall to discuss the same. Also, we will have complete list of our catalogues to explain the range of our products and services.

What will be the attractions at your stall?
Latest state-of-the-art products DEMO units with experience staff and experts from manufactures will be available at stall to answer the customers’ query on the spot. Also, customers can have a hand on experience on these latest products to see their functionality.

For more details, visit www.ngepl.com

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