Elecrama 2018

Rishabh Instruments to showcase next gen technology

The major attraction one can explore is the solution provided by Rishabh Instruments for the axle counting application used by the Indian Railways.

Narendra Goliya, Chairman, Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd

Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd, with an experience of nearly three decades, has built its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of test and measuring instruments and industrial control products. ELECRAMA has always been a major platform for the company to showcase the innovations developed by its team. The theme of the ELECRAMA 2018 is “Inventing tomorrow” and hence Rishabh Instruments is focusing more on the next generation devices. This time, we are introducing various new products and solutions from the domains of analog expertise, digital expertise, and test and measurement instruments expertise, informs Narendra Goliya, Chairman, Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd. He adds, “The major attraction one can explore is the solution provided by Rishabh Instruments for the axle counting application used by the Indian Railways.”

Visitors will be able to experience the unique solution provided by Rishabh’s 60K DMM to cater the need of Railways (users) which demands 100 kHz frequency range in AC measurements. On the other side, the company would also display its next generation enhanced range of multi-function meters with complete programmability, Ethernet communication, 0.2 class accuracy and many more other features which will make the measurement job easy for the customers.

“The touchscreen power quality analysers (which can measure transients of 6 KV/50 micro seconds) along with swells, dips, individual harmonics, flickers designed and developed locally will be the game changer across the industry,” claims Goliya.

Moving further, Rishabh’s Group of Company – Lumel S.A. has come up with more user-friendly and advanced products like ND30 (with three variants – Ethernet, Profinet and BACnet) forming a step ahead addition in the multi-function meters category. Measurement of physical parameters such as temperature and humidity with data logging facility affirmed using HT20.

Moving towards educational or research sectors, Lumel has also come up with laboratory equipment such as Signal Generators, Power Supplies and Reference Multimeters of table top type. From the Analog Expertise, Rishabh would introduce advanced devices like CTs with RJ connectors, Nano CTs, Nano Split Core CTs, additional range of CAM switches etc. which will be a paradigm shift from the conventional design philosophy of the so called basic electrical measurement devices. “India has a grand push to solar and we will introduce string inverters from 1 KW to 35 KW with 1 and 2 MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking System),” informs Goliya.

Unique features
The unique features of the products are as below:
• 60K DMM is equipped with Bluetooth communication alongwith Android Mobile application.
• Advanced MFM has clock, true representation of phasor and waveform.
• ND30 / ND30PNET / ND30BACNet has the measurement of 54 power network parameters, including current and voltage harmonics up to 51st, in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems.
• HT20 has easy data accessibility through Modbus TCP/IP with data logging function.
• Cam Switches are very compact in design, spring loaded with long distance visibility.
• CTs are also compact in design with UL94-V0 approved polycarbonate casing and very easy to install.

Target markets
This is the smart age, and everyone wants quick results. This has increased the demand of multipurpose products and services. As our generation capacity has increased, eventually the transmission and distribution will also increase and so the requirement for test and maintenance especially with recording and retrieving functions. Generation is now moving towards solar power, as India is becoming the hub of solar project. So, in Goliya’s opinion, it is also one of the big growing potential segments for Rishabh’s instruments.

Also, solar generation is moving towards string inverters from industrial inverters. String inverters were available upto 20-30 KW which are now migrating towards 80-100 KW which makes it compact and cost effective. According to Goliya, solar generation is moving towards competing thermal generation and this is a step in that direction.

Technical services industry is also one of the other growing potential sector. It is becoming a trend to outsource the services on a huge scale. India is a big center for education too. Many students in India opt for technical studies and this is growing day-by-day. So, Goliya predicts, education sector will also be a big consumer for Rishabh’s instruments as awareness on testing is increasing the demand.

Telecommunication, aerospace or aeronautical and automotive are the other sectors in which industrial control products, and test and measurement instruments have opportunities. “With every growing sector, the scope of Rishabh instruments is increasing. Recording of all the measured parameters and data mining, data analytics with predictive failure probabilities is an area where Rishabh will display products and measurement capabilities,” said Goliya.

Any introduction of new technology has a common purpose that is to bring more safety, accuracy, user friendliness, energy efficiency, cost saving, and optimum utilisation of the available resources for the customers, observes Goliya. He adds, “Rishabh also focuses to bring these dimensions in picture through introduction of the new products with cutting-edge technology. Just to put a case in the picture is the various losses occurring at different points across the industry due to the inaccurate and inefficient means of measurement. Rishabh would be happy to provide a solution by the way of introducing our Power Quality Analyser which will not only minimise the problems faced by the customers on account of power and energy related parameters (especially with power electronic devices polluting the networks in an increased manner) but also would help in the national cause of conserving the electricity. Eventually, would contribute to vision of ‘Greener Tomorrow’.”

India has a goal to provide cleaner and greener energy in the remotest areas of the country, but we also have to ensure clean energy to the advanced medical and electronic devices which does not harm the networks. So, controlling harmonics, swells and dips becomes a priority area for the electricity users of tomorrow. Devices were made when the measurement device were guzzling electricity in the process of measurement and with the introduction of electronic measurements, this problem has gone down. So, one needs mini and micro measurement devices both for cost and space optimisation. “Connection between devices has to be quick and positive with no chances of CT secondary opening and we are developing products to meet these requirements. We wish to
provide this awareness to the users,” Goliya said.

Visitor attractions
Rishabh claims to be ‘extremely sensitive’ towards the social responsibilities and environment protection. This sensitivity helped the company to make its entire product basket RoHS Compliant. Today all the devices coming from the Rishabh factory are RoHS compliant, claims Goliya.

In the field of technology, Rishabh has introduced the unique solution of NABL-accredited EMI-EMC facility at its Nasik location. This state-of-the-art facility has been built with a philosophy to provide complete testing solution not only for the Rishabh products but even for the customers and vendors all across the globe. The company will keep a special screen at the ELECRAMA, which will run a video showcasing the strengths of its EMI-EMC test facility.

This time, Rishabh would also conduct small conferences at its stall on various interesting and useful topics like insulation testing, earth testing, power quality, and safety categories for customers.

“A lot of importance will be given to the various levels of IP testing explanation, UL and CSA approvals for safety and Cat I to Cat IV awareness to the Indian users of various measurement devices,” informs Goliya.

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