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RR KABEL’s Busducts: Driven by technology & inspired by innovation

RR Busducts Guardex range of bus way system is the most reliable and efficient electrical distribution system. It is the most comprehensive system, as it offers both alternate as well as direct current distribution and is designed to meet global requirements. The products have a high short-circuit withstanding capacity with low electromagnetic interference which makes it more efficient. In addition to this, extruded aluminum housing & construction of sandwich design makes it robust, compact and one of the lightest sandwich products in the market.

The company acknowledges that, RR Busduct is part of RR Global, a $ 650 Million conglomerate in the electrical sector with a presence in over 80 countries globally.

“Spread across multiple business verticals including Busducts, RR Global has always endeavored to create products of the highest quality using the latest in innovation and technology.” the company further states.

Developed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Dubai, the products are of the finest quality and are certified by Intrek for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, IEC 61439-6 & 1 amongst others.

About RR Kabel
RR Kabel a brand of RR Global was established in the year 1998 in wires and cables category. They were the first company to offer 4 variants in the category of wire and cables. Their business sector encompasses an extensive range of products for residential, industrial and infrastructural purposes hence, making RR Kabel an internationally acclaimed brand having its presence in over 80 countries around the globe. RR Kabel works with determination to produce best quality products manufactured out of superlative technologies.

In 1999, RR Kabel became the first Indian company to introduce Unilay Core Technology and by 2011 they established a high end manufacturing unit at Waghodia, Gujarat with a set up expansion on 3 lakhs sq ft area.

RR Kabel offers a product line which ranges from Firex LS0H which is made of low smoke zero halogen properties combined with Unilay Core Technology which makes wiring safer and easier while maintaining high quality service as well as ensuring fire safety. Another distinctive feature in RR Kabel’s product portfolio is UNILAY HR FR which is made of Unilay core technology, heat resistant and flame retardant properties which ensures efficient use of electricity with optimal current carrying capacity.

RR Kabel’s product line also offers Flamex FR-LSH and Superex FR with low smoke flame retardant properties. Every product they manufacture is created out from some of the superior technology Indian machineries as well as international machines imported from Europe.

RR Kabel has made massive impact with their continuous drive for innovation and adapting latest technology. It has always strive to connect to the people and offer top quality products, maintaining trust and transparency to benefit the customers with safety as well as consistency thus, earning a place in peoples mind and hearts.

For more details, visit www.rrkabel.com

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