Elecrama 2018

Salzer Electronics to go ‘smart’

In future, we aim to be a thousand-crore company and are working towards this goal. The usage of data cable is now going up very high; we are working towards making our entire product range Wi-Fi connected.
Rajesh Doraiswamy, Jt. Managing Director, Salzer Electronics Ltd

How was the ELECRAMA 2018?
Elecrama is platform where one gets to meet all its existing as well potent customers at one place. One can also come across innovative technologies and products and latest happening in the market.

Which are the new products launched by you at ELECRAMA?
This year, we launched three new products. One is the UL marked contactors with DC and AC (wide band coil voltage to sustain voltage fluctuations) will be displayed. This is a typical example of a product with international quality designed to suit Indian conditions. Salzer also displayed power contactors, mini contactors and control contactors 7A to 105A. Salzer MPCBs are UL marked and rated 32A and 63A. This offers complete type 2 coordination products for motor starting application. Also, C and D type MCBs will be displayed with UL mark (UL 489 and 1077).

Second product is 3-phase Dry Type transformers up to 1,000 KVA. Salzer has launched custom-built transformers in technical collaboration with Trafomodern of Austria. Also, harmonic filters and drive chokes are launched both in CU and Al. Major customers being railways, solar panels, drive manufacturers, APFC panels, wind mills etc. This is something new for us and technologically it is very advanced for the country.

Salzer also launched limit- and foot-switches used in control application of process industries. The entire design, manufacturing and testing of these switches is in-house ensuring quality at competitive rates.

The transformer which you showcased is related to green transformer?
We are manufacturing transformers since the last 15 years. Transformers we make are highly efficient and result very low power loss so that can be called as a green transformer.

What are the unique features of 3-phase Dry Type transformers?
The 3-phase dry type transformers are the product of technical collaboration with Trafomodern of Austria. As, transformer application is very critical in nature, the product we make is highly reliable in terms of design. I think reliability is the number one USP in design.

Could you please tell us about your achievement in transformers?
It has been six months, since we have launched this product. Our transformers are approved by GE Locomotive in USA, and this can be regarded as an achievement in terms of transformers. We should be supplying transformers to GE Locomotive in USA in upcoming six months, as we regard this as another achievement.

Do you find Chinese products as a threat to Indian manufacturers? Why?
In my opinion, the Chinese threat is gone; it is no more a threat they used to be like before 2005. During that period, the Chinese products dominated the markets across the world. They were everywhere due to low prices, reasonably good quality product and we were struggling to compete for to survive. After 2005, things turn around like as Chinese products become more expensive. People realise that lowest cost Chinese product are not reliable, as they don’t provide value for money. Today, India is one of the lowest cost producer and we can compete with anyone in the market with indigenous quality products.

What is the growth on export as a company compare to last year?
As a company, we do export around 25 per cent for all the products. We did achieve 25 per cent sales from other countries. The company’s export has grown around 20 per cent this year.
What are your future plans?

In future, we aim to be a thousand-crore company and are working towards this goal. The usage of data cable is now going up very high; we are working towards making our entire product range Wi-Fi connected. We look at upgrading ourselves into standard electrical components like IoT based. We won’t go out of the score but we will make it smarter. Data cable is the one new product that we will announce any time soon. We are also looking into making products for e-vehicles in future. Hopefully, we will come up with all our future plans translated into reality by the next edition of ELECRAMA.

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