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Spain’s Poinsa joins hands with India’s CJI Porcelain

CJI, one of the leading manufacturers of porcelain insulators in India, plans to create partnership with Spain’s Poinsa, a major company in the field of composite insulator.

Poinsa is one of the major European producers in the electroceramic and polymeric insulators sector. What brings you to the Indian market?
David: Poinsa, a Spanish company, is one of the prime players in the electroceramic and polymeric insulators sector in European markets. Since inception in 1978, we have expanded our presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Now our objective for next year is to be present in India as it is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. With our experience in the manufacturing of ceramic insulators and silicon insulators, we expect to keep growing in this market. Also, with the partnership of CJI Porcelain Pvt Ltd, we have high hopes to expand our company here.

Why CJI?
David: With an experience of over 30 years, CJI has gained significant expertise in electro-porcelains manufacturing. The technical know-how and in-depth knowledge about the market, makes them a preferred partner for us. Also, their state-of-the-art infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, proven processing technologies and extensive product line helped us to understand that they would be the right technology partner to be in India.

Apart from having the technical collaboration with CJI, are you making any kind of investment here?
David: As of now, we are analysing the Indian market with CJI. If future, we may consider establishing some parts of our production here. We feel localisation is the only way to be competitive in India.

Shashidhar, what is your expectation from the collaboration with Poinsa?
Shashidhar: The present Indian government is committed to electrify the whole country by 2022. Also, an organisation called RDSO under Ministry of Railways has been given an ambitious target of going up to 11,000 RKM on the way electrifying the railway network across the country. Poinsa is a 40-years old company from Valencia in Spain. They have been working in all kinds of railway electrical utilities in Europe, Italy, Israel, Germany and Spain. Their experience is fantastic in porcelain and polymer insulators especially for high-speed bullet trains applications. In this context, Poinsa can play a significant role due to their proven experience in handling lines of railways and metro rails. So,in the current scenario, collaboration between Poinsa and CJI is an extremely fantastic fit to ensure insulator industry’s contribution towards India’s growth story.

By when can we expect your product in the Indian market?
Jose: In 2019 for sure! It is important to note that CJI is an expert in the manufacturing of ceramic insulator and is not into the composite insulator. Therefore, we have decided venture in to Indian market with composite insulator. Considering the increasing activities in Indian power sector, we expect huge demand for high quality of composite in transmission market. As of now we may start with importing or partial assembling and later we will start manufacturing the same locally to deliver products to Indian utilities at competitive price.

Shashidhar: At present we are mapping the market and if everything goes well we may bring Poinsa’s products in Indian market by the second quarter or the next year.

What kind of value addition the partnership will bring to the CJI?
Mahesh: Poinsa has a reputation in European markets for railway insulators and we are looking forward to be their technology partner. Initially we intend to market their product in India and we want them to market our products in Europe. This will give a win-win situation for both the companies.

Poinsa has a reputation in European markets for railway insulators and we are looking forward to be their technology partner.
Mahesh Jatia, Managing Director, CJI Porcelain

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