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Supreme develops indigenous ERS Towers

The fully-standardised fabrication process of high strength steel has made it (ERS tower) an economical, functionally reliable and structurally stable option.

Harish Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Supreme & Co. Pvt Ltd

Supreme offers a wide range of manufacturing, services and solutions in the field of electrical transmission and distribution. As a manufacturer of transmission towers and electrical hardware, Supreme has been working for the last couple of years on a product which will make a big impact in the transmission line sector. Commenting on this breakthrough product, Harish Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Supreme & Co. Pvt Ltd, said, “We planned on developing a solution which will help in reducing the outage time of transmission line. This led to the development of ERS towers – an indigenous product of Supreme. It is a temporary structure designed to bypass the existing transmission towers of any voltage in any terrain. They will be used until the main line is reconductored or restored. The entire structure can then be disassembled and reused.”

Unique features of Supreme’s ERS towers
The unique feature of Supreme ERS structure is that they are made of high strength steel. The fully-standardised fabrication process of high strength steel has made it an economical, functionally reliable and structurally stable option, informs Agarwal. He adds, “The savings due to reduced outage time far outweighs the cost of such ERS which is now substantially reduced with the use of steel.”

The entire design is made in such a way that the whole structure can be erected in few hours. Sections are made modular in order to ease transportation as the site may be very remote to carry the structure. There is no need for any civil foundation. The tower is entirely supported using guy wires. Hence it is essential that all the guy wires are properly anchored to the soil. Supreme has designed anchors to suit all kinds of soil.

Target markets
Transmission line owners and electrical EPC contractors will be benefited the most by ERS, observes Agarwal. He adds, “It is not a disaster management system alone. ERS can be used in places where there is a need for line reconductoring or re-routing of line. Duration of line outage can be reduced substantially with the use of ERS. Apart from power sector, ERS can also be used as a temporary telecommunication tower for big gatherings.”

Talking about what the company wishes to accomplish with the launch of new ERS structure, Agarwal said, “Our mission is to provide a safe, secure and uninterrupted supply of electrical power while observing health, safety, and environmental standard. Rather than selling structure, we offer complete end-to-end solutions where we take care of transportation, erection, supervision and disassembling of the structure. This negates the O&M, training and storage cost that incur on the customer in case they own the system.”

Supreme claims that its ERS has helped in restoring more than 2,000 MW of power within the last 8 months. Currently, it is taking 5-6 days to transport the structures to the site and begin the erection works. Hence, Supreme is planning on setting up storage units across India which will enable the company to start line restoration immediately. “We are discussing with major power corporations for Supreme to act as an electrical contractor for providing the ERS solution to them,” Agarwal informs.

Supreme at ELECRAMA 2018
“In ELECRAMA 2018, we will be showcasing a demo model of our ERS which will help the customers to have an idea of what we are doing and what are the benefits that they get from it. We will be providing them with an insight of what we have accomplished so far and what we are planning to achieve in the next upcoming years,” Agarwal informs.

For more details, visit www.supremeco.com

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