Elecrama 2018

Testo brings smart measurement solutions

Wireless operation, with the easy of saving and transferring data over networks makes our instruments more users friendly, interactive and cost-effective.
Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd

Testo is one of the world market leaders in the field of portable and stationary measurement technology. For ELECRAMA this year, the measurement technology expert would be showcasing its newly launched range of products including a distinctly unique set of electrical instruments which are not only advanced but user-friendly too – an entire range of thermal imagers which enables to conduct smart and networked thermography and new range of Smart Probes that equips the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface.

Unique features
“Testo measuring instruments are significantly different from the rest available in the market as we have come up with more advanced and latest technologies. We provide instruments which are not only precise or efficient but are also smart and networked,” claims Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd.

As mentioned, Testo’s electrical instruments are unique with revolutionary and advanced features and with increased safety while operation. In Bhangare’s opinion, auto adjustable mode, safety built-in, connectivity to smartphone app to get the reports from site itself and of course cost-effective application are the key features of these instruments. Testo Smart Probes which are Bluetooth enabled and can be connected to smartphone via an app can make problem detection, data measurement and report generation possible on site, saving time and money both.

“Our latest solution to the industry is new Thermal Imagers with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography. Wireless operation, with the easy of saving and transferring data over networks makes our instruments more users friendly, interactive and cost-effective,” he informs.

Target markets
The set of instruments that Testo India plans to feature are of great advantage to the electrical and HVACR contractors, facility managers and for all electrical utilities, said Bhangare. He adds, “For all the field engineers, auditors and technicians who need to carry bulky equipment can rely on Testo smart range of instruments which are compact, smart and more user friendly. These target groups would be our prime focus and our products can ensure better results, faster measurement and report generation and, also reduced errors.”

Talking about what the company wishes to accomplish by participating at ELECRAMA, Bhangare said, “Our focus for the show is to invite more and more number of electrical contractors and utility people to visit our stall. If we talk about our set of electrical instruments, for example, testo 760 is the first digital multimeter with automatic detection of measurement parameters and selection via socket assignment.”

Testo 770 clamp meter has a unique grab mechanism for easy and safe work. It also measures multiple parameters like, power factor, resistance, voltage etc very easily. Testo 755 is the first voltage tester to measure current as well. Testo 750 voltage tester is with patented all-round LED display for visibility from all sides and finally testo 745 non-contact voltage tester with a filter is used for high-frequency interference.

Bhangare claims that these products are a one-stop-solution for any user and considering the current market Testo’s instruments are so well positioned both in terms of features as well as the prices that they would be really appreciated by the contractors, technicians and even end users in the companies. This complete set comes in a handy portable carrying case. “Through this exhibition (ELECRAMA 2018) we want to create awareness in the entire market. We want to take our innovative electrical measurement technology and its safety features to the masses and we are trying every bit to reach out to them
through ELECRAMA,” concludes Bhangare.

For more details, visit www.testo.com

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