Elecrama 2018

Testo brings “Smart” mobile-based measurement applications

The compact and wireless Smart Probes can be operated by a smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart Probes app, which also provides complete reports at the push of a button.
Parag Yelegaonkar, Business Development Manager-Projects, Testo India Pvt Ltd

How was ELECRAMA 2018?
This year, ELECRAMA was really good. Compared to last edition, we did receive motivating response from visitors from the industry during this edition. We also got to see latest technology offers and innovative product range from across the industry. The industry has changed its approach towards technology. Today, there is advent of newer technologies that have been adopted by various manufacturing and government sector in the electrical equipment, power generation, T&D. More of IoT-based instruments has been developed and presented in the industry and customers are very much admiring this paradigm shift and changing their approach towards the same.

What are the Testo’s new technologies that were presented during ELECRAMA 2018?
At this year’s ELECRAMA, Testo launched “Smart” mobile-based measurement applications. The compact and wireless Smart Probes can be operated by a smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart Probes app, which also provides complete reports at the push of a button. Testo also has thermal imager model i.e. testo 872 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So, the customer can connect the clamp meter testo 770-3 via Bluetooth to the thermal imager and smart probes – Hygometer testo 605i can also be connected via Bluetooth to the thermal imager. By interfacing these two instruments, one can easily pin out the problems in the electrical panels and analyse the problems quickly through this technologies.

With Smart Probe, what market is Testo targeting at?
With this new technology, Testo is targeting customers from electrical utility. This includes electrical panel manufacturers. As far as utility is concerned, Testo is into power generation and T&D sector, so they also very well form a part of our target market for this new technology. In regards to large markets, the company is focussing on thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and solar power plants. With the country is on the roads to going solar in a big way, Testo’s products like thermal imagers, smart probes and electrical instruments can prove to be useful for determining problems in solar PV module in a solar power plant.

What will be Testo’s offers in IoT-based products?
About IoT based instrumentation, Testo has recently launched Internal Air Quality Measurement instrument which is cloud-based technology. The data from the instrument is stored on the cloud, where one can easily acquire the collected data by logging into the same from anywhere in the world on any device – smartphone, tablet or a PC.

What are the future plans of Testo?
There are innovative technologies coming in the international market like remote monitoring among others, likewise we will be more focused on remote monitoring of various data and upgrade our electrical instruments as per the market trend in near future catering to the requirements of power plants and public utility. We will also be focusing on wireless technology, fast data transmission as well in the near future.

For more info, write to info@testo.in or visit www.testo.com

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