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Tijaria LED focused on market growth

The LED technology is still emerging and there is significant potential for growth
Vikas Tijaria, Director, Tijaria LED Industries

What’s your opinion on the performance of lighting industry in India?
Lighting in India has indeed expanded and grown by over 50 per cent annually over the last few years. India has the unique strength of excellent world-class R&D technologists in electronics which is the base for LED lighting industry. This is helping the Indian lighting industry to continuously incorporate new innovative improvements in performance of the LED Lights manufactured in India.

LED lights which were initially used to replace incandescent bulbs are fast replacing all kinds of sources of light including fluorescent tubes, flood lights, signal lights, railway carriage lights and head lights or lights as otherwise used in road transport vehicles. In fact the low consumption of power by these LED lights such as LED bulbs, tubelights, panels, solar street light, COB light, concealed light, surface bolt, down light & flood light etc. These complete indoor and outdoor lightings make them a natural preferred choice particularly when power needs to be drawn from the batteries whenever power supply gets disrupted.

What are the major growth drivers?
In the next two decades, market in India for interior illumination purposes is estimated to increase by 82 per cent in residential buildings and 72 per cent in commercial buildings. By 2031, more than 80 per cent of the lighting market will be captured in both the building categories. The future market penetration in commercial buildings will be very aggressive as compared to the residential buildings.
Demand aggregation as recommended by government of India could be one of the key strategies to kick start the market penetration in large scale and will be very economical for replacing all the conventional technologies for all categories of consumers. This could also motivate the key players in the industry to establish production/manufacturing facilities in the country.

The LED technology is still emerging and there is significant potential for growth in the efficacy, cost effectiveness and life of the fixtures.

How about your company’s performance?
Tijaria LED Industries drive for results with ‘energy’ and a sense of urgency. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we strive to continually improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations – our own and those of others.

Our mission is to contribute in LED lighting to meet the entire country’s requirement but also enhance its production, productivity and performance levels and to make India recognized as one of the best sources for LED lights all over the world.

The company’s expedition is to reduce energy consumed by lights, globally. We will continue to design and manufacture highly efficient lights which consume low energy and provide higher performance.

Light is everywhere, our vision is to reduce the energy consumed by it. Our vision is like the light across the tunnel; it enlightens our path and makes us go one step closer to our goal every day. We strive to develop premium products for our customers, and promote environmental well being.

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