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Transforming the transformers

We have already developed the prototype of the vegetable oil-filled transformer. We will be sending the same to CPRI/ERDA for approval and will be ready with commercial production in another 3-4 months.

Rajesh Ghosh, Managing Director, Truvolt Engineering

Mr Ghosh, could you give us a brief overview of Truvolt?
Established in the year 1970, Truvolt is in the 48th year of operations. We were basically the solution provider for the industry. From there, we developed a niche about the special application transformers. Gradually, we moved to supplying furnace-duty transformers for the steel plants. Now, we have started another plant at Bakrahat, Raspunj, where we are manufacturing distribution and power transformers for electricity boards and utilities. Currently, the central government initiatives for electrification like Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) are driving the demand for transformers. We are at a very good position in the industry where we have the infrastructure, experience, manpower, technology,engineers to meet the increasing demand.

Tell us more about your new facility.
The new facility in Bakrahat, Raspunj, West Bengal has been developed with an investment of around Rs 20 crore. The covered area is about 40,000sq. ft. and the plant is equipped with advanced material handling systems, smart testing facility and scientific flow of material so that the production can be done without any hindrance. It is basically designed to cater to demand from electricity boards where the volume of transfer is very high. As of now, we can produce 30-40 transformers per day and we want to double our capacity to 60-70 transformers per day. In eastern India, we are the largest supplier of distribution transformers to the electricity board and we are continuously striving to enter the other boards also.

What is your current order booking?
Our current order booking is very healthy. Compared to last year’s turnover, we’ve almost 75-80 per cent turnover already in booking with us. If the momentum continues, we will have a very good business in financial year 2018-19 too. We expect 10-15 per cent year-on-year growth in 2018 -19 as compared to 2017-18.

Are you developing any new product?
We are also developing a bio transfer transformer where vegetable oils are used as an alternative to mineral oil to be used in transformers. This makes the transformers environment friendly thus can be called as ‘green’ transformer. So, we are ready for the future and trying to build our infrastructure in that way.

Compared to mineral oil-filled transformers, how efficient your green transformers are in terms of performance?
As compared to mineral oil-filled transformers, vegetable oil-filled transformers offer significant advantages including biodegradability, cost-effectiveness, renewability and lower environmental impacts. Also, with the use of vegetable oil, the performance of a transformer will definitely improve because the quality of the oil remains good for a longer period of time thereby delivering better insulation for long duration. This is how even the operating expenditure can be brought down significantly. The quality of this transformers will be controlled by IS, BIS and ISI specifications.

How much one has to pay extra compared to mineral oil-filled transformers?
Currently, vegetable oil costs around double than the mineral oils. However, once the demand and volume grow, the cost will definitely come down. I think, in near future, the green transformers will be available at a meagre 10 to 15 per cent higher costs of oil-filled transformers.

Is the oil readily available in the market?
Currently, the major oil manufactures like Cargill and Savitahave put their plants and we are getting confidence that we will be able to procure this oil regularly from India.

Are you ready with the commercial production of this transformer?
We have already developed the prototype of the vegetable oil-filled transformer. We will be sending the same to CPRI/ERDA for approval and will be ready with commercial production in another 3-4 months. So, we are now ready if any tender comes.

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