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Lighting industry undergoing radical transformation

Shailesh Tokekar, General Manager – Marketing, Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd.

Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd appreciates the initiatives implemented by the present government to bring about revival of the power sector. According to Shailesh Tokekar, General Manager – Marketing of the company, “Government intentions are positive and they are driving it very fairly well resulting in substantial energy savings. Since energy savings is right now need of the hour, the government has taken necessary steps in formulating, implementing policies and initiatives to drive the change. Many of government projects are being specified only with LED lighting.”

Tokekar adds, “The lighting industry has been undergoing a radical transformation fuelled by rapid improvisation in semiconductor technology and the development of LED lighting as well as the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. Today LED is the most preferred lighting solutions across all domains and verticals including small commercial interiors to big infrastructure projects.”

He says, “Smart and intelligent lighting solutions that enables its users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones, tablets is the recent trend in the industry. This upcoming technology is helping to enhance employee comfort, productivity and safety through personalised control of work spaces, enables performance tracking due to real-time updates on lighting system status. Across the globe, energy conservation is considered one of the most important concerns, and efficient or smart lighting significantly contribute to conserving energy.”

Initiative that will change the game in 2017
Informing about initiative that will change the game in 2017, Tokekar says, “It is hard to say that one initiative performed better than the other. Each one of the initiatives is impactful in its own way. The initiatives are complementary in nature and their combined effect has culminated in the successful implementation resulting in significant energy savings over the past year.”

Wipro’s performance during last year
In the last year Wipro saw tremendous focus on energy savings. Customers are extremely forthcoming in trying out new technologies that deliver on high energy savings. The commercial lighting market has shown a distinct shift from the conventional light sources towards the new energy efficient LEDs.

The use of LED-based luminaires, and integration of lighting management systems have grown considerably over a period of time. With continuously evolving technology, high power LEDs has now opened exciting avenues for functional lighting.

Green drive
Commenting on the company’s performance, Tokekar informs, “Last year, we have introduced a wide range of innovative products. VERGE LED, our signature product in modern workspaces won the prestigious RED DOT award for product design in 2017.”

He adds, “Innovation and design are a way of life at Wipro,” says Tokekar. Wipro was also amongst the pioneers in India to shift to LEDs for developing lighting applications which increase energy efficiency and facilitate reduction in carbon footprints.”

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