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New ‘Power Horizon’ for India 2022

By 2022, we aim to create a new India that will be able to provide every Indian regular power.

– Power Minister Piyush Goyal

To meet India’s energy requirements the Power Minister has set an ambitious target for deployment of 175GW renewable energy by 2022. In a tentative report on renewable power target to be achieve by the year 2022 as of now wind power target for FY 2017-18 is 4000 MW, achievement (April-March, 2018) is 7.05 MW, where as the cumulative achievement (as on 30.04.2017) is 32287.27MW. For solar, the target for FY2017-18 is 10000 MW, achievement (April-March, 2018) is 215.67 MW, where as the cumulative achievement (as on 30.04.2017) is 12504.50 MW. For small hydro power the target for FY2017-18 is 200 MW, achievement (April-March, 2018) is 5 MW, the cumulative achievement (as on 30.04.2017) is 4384.85 MW.

Power Minister is working actively in promoting the renewable energy and in order to achieve the target he is keenly introducing solar parks, solar plants, solar roof top, on shore and offshore wind power, hydro power etc. Since the demand to generate more power has increased, the government now aims to extend the target to 225 GW by adding 50 GW of hydro power capacity. In a recently held event in Mumbai the Minister also stated, “By 2022, we aim to create a new India that will be able to provide every Indian a roof above their heads, regular power and water supply and proper healthcare services.” On the sidelines of this event, Power Minister Piyush Goyal speaks to Kshitija Kolhapure about his commitments to achieve the set targets and also highlights the progress in the power sector.

What is India’s present stand with regards to achieving 175 GW of renewable energy?
We have over 100 GW of capacity which is either already implemented or is in the pipeline. In wind power, we have crossed 33,000 MW, in solar, we have crossed 12 GW, biomass, small hydro etc, are about 5 GW or so and in addition to that we have got 50 GW of hydro power. The target of 175 GW I am now extending it to 225 GW by adding 50 GW hydro power which is clean renewable energy.

I am very confident that with the speed at which we are expanding different forms of energy. We will meet our target of 175 GW from all our resources including 50 GW for hydro, collectively making 225 GW.

How do you see the potential of offshore wind in India?
It is still quite far away and technologically it is being proven. Western countries particularly Europe has started using it but aggregate in the world is about only 16 to 17 GW. We are also closely watching technological advancements in this area. For example, during my visit to Berlin, I met a representative whose company has developed 5 MW turbines. As offshore infrastructure is expensive we need larger turbines to justify that. Also India is expected to do a pilot project on the off shores of Gujarat coastline and I think at an appropriate stage we will look at speeding it up.

Is rural electrification in India ramping up?
We are ramping up rural electrification very rapidly. Ministers from Uttar Pradesh with entire team met me in Delhi to discuss how we will take power to the 1 crore 80 lakh families who still don’t have power. Similarly I am doing reviews with the other states in the country to ensure that every citizen, every willing consumer gets formal, legal and low cost electricity connection.

What about those areas where grid is not approachable?
Wherever the grid has not reached or cannot be reached in the next 2 to 3 years, we are providing solar systems with a battery backup along with LED bulbs, ceiling fans, and mobile charging units in that battery.

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