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Steaming the corrosion away

The steam turbine is a highly efficient product that is used for converting large amounts of heat energy into mechanical energy. As the steam expands, enthalpy of the steam is first converted into kinetic energy in nozzles or blade passages and it acquires high velocity and exerts force on the turbine blades and power is developed due to rotation of the blades.

Efficient and meticulous design of blade profile combined with advanced aerodynamic designs aimed at reducing energy losses is integrated into the turbine for extracting maximum energy from the steam.

Corrosion damage be handled in steam turbines
A steam turbine faces the worst possible environment regarding corrosion. This is due to the working conditions of a normal steam turbine, which are high temperature, constant contact with water and air, and high probability of facing concentrated chemicals due to evaporative concentration in the boiler.

Turbine corrosion is dependent on a combination of environmental aspects such as steam chemistry, temperature, stresses, material properties, composition, and defects. Even pure water and wet steam can causes corrosion of turbine materials, chiefly in the rotor and disc parts.

Within the steam flow path and on the turbine component surfaces, the parameters governing corrosion such as pH, concentration of salts and hydroxides, and temperature, can change within a wide range. Combination of acidic content and stress are the reasons for stress corrosion in turbine components. This can be prevented by regular monitoring of the steam chemistry in boiler. In addition, user needs to follow operation and storage instructions as recommended by the OEM.

Triveni Turbine Ltd is one of the leading industrial steam turbine manufacturers, with a dominant market share of over 60 per cent in India. Over 4,000 steam turbines supplied by Triveni have been installed across 18 industries in over 70 countries.

At Triveni, every customer interaction is valued and emphasis is laid on long-lasting relationships. The core competencies lie in manufacturing and supplying industry specific, custom-made steam turbines. An innovative flair and strategic approach makes Triveni an eminent forerunner in the steam turbine industry.

Authored article by:
Ajay Gore,
Assistant General Manager – Western Region,
Triveni Turbine Limited

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