Unveiling of new technologies to support RE world

India, not the one who settles for less, has always aspired to become a global leader in the world economy since independence. India outran many global competitors when it signed the Paris Climate Agreement in Dec, 2015 to fight the climate change and joined with France to launch the International Solar Alliance (ISA). Now, more committed than ever, India is all set to take the pole position in the global renewable energy transformation.

Here, we take a look at what the RE players have to say about the unveiling!

Gautam Seth,  Joint Managing Director, HPL Electric & Power Ltd.
Promoting solar as the primary energy source

REI Expo provides layers of outstanding platform to showcase our latest products and offerings in renewable energy generation, conservation and distribution sector along with the hands on experience of our latest technology and products experience under one roof. It is a meeting place for suppliers, consultants and industry experts. Our experience over the last year has enthused us in a bigger manner and even what also amazes us is that the relevant people from different states and power utilities are present to witness the showcased products.

The REI Expo is an excellent place to spread awareness about our solar products which enables the consumer and government to use the renewable energy as the primary and the only resource of energy. We plan to not only educate the consumers about the advantages of using solar energy and how our energy efficient products can bring light to the life of the users and also serves the long term objective of saving the environment.

Krishnendu Mukherjee, COO, Sova Solar Limited
Gauging the market dynamics for the next growth phase

REI, being the largest renewable expo today in India, is a very good stage to showcase our products and the company in front of the world. Also, the expo gives the chance to understand the market and gauge the market dynamics.

We, at Sova Solar, are dedicated to delivering best quality materials to our clients, and this continuous strive to better ourselves differentiate us from the rest. This year we will bring to the show our best in class products as well as some of the new technologies being developed by us, which will drive the next growth phase of the industry.

Sushil Virmani – Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Benchmarking low energy footprint products

Socomec has a range of highly adapted and specialist product range spanning both AC and DC side switching and isolation as well as energy monitoring associated with various renewable energy applications. This is predominantly focussed on utility scale as well as roof top solar photo voltaic installations.

REI 2018 helps to get a holistic overview of new trends and customer expectations, helping Socomec to stay on course with their product portfolio updates, fuelling our innovative spirit to continue offering products and features that are in sync with the usage and customer expectation.
Besides, we shall remain grateful to REI to facilitate a meaningful, synergistic networking session with different stakeholders in the PV value chain that allows them all to precisely evaluate catalogue of Socomec products on offer in relation to configuration and specific needs of their specific project.

Offering products and services, and setting benchmarks of higher reliability and safety, all with a low energy footprint is the hallmark of all Socomec products. Because indefatigable effort on research and product innovation are integral part of Socomec, we have been meticulously looking forward to quintessential application insights and usability patterns, presenting products and accessories that induce prospective users to engineer their sub systems more optimally, all with aim of spreading global compact resolutions.

We are confident that the upcoming event will further bolster a spot-on situation analysis along with a hitherto unseen level of collaborative interface, that will assuredly catalyse business development in renewable energy domain.

Anil Bhasin, Executive Vice President, Havells India Limited
Showcasing solar integrators

Havells India Ltd. as a brand, over the years, in all categories is known for strong value proposition to its customers. Solar is no different as we have products spanning from on grid systems, off grid systems, solar street lights and solar portables.

We had an excellent footfall at last year’s REI and this platform gave an excellent momentum to our business. This year, we would showcase new products such as landscape lighting, street lights powered by lithuim ferro, all in one integrated street lights, variable frequency drive to power air-conditioners, next range of Home PCU, off grid PCUs and on grid inverters from SolarEdge to name a few. We are very excited to showcase these products to visitors especially the solar integrators/ dealer fraternity and we want to position Havells solar as a strong partner to them.

Upholding the priorities of solar industry
Nimish Jain, Head of Global Sales- Modules, Vikram Solar

We believe, REI platform is serving as the hub for knowledge and inspiration that can accelerate nationwide energy development process with ease. Our objective by participating at the upcoming REI is to uphold the priorities of solar industry to enhance growth, protecting the industry through creating a collaborative environment involving industry leaders, government, developers, and end consumers. As a global solar contributor, Vikram Solar has always understood the importance of raising awareness for the development of renewable sector. We have elaborate plans to utilise this opportunity to take in new ideas while showcasing our findings to the market. We are positive that this opportunity will enable us to analyse the market growth, demand, and ultimately orchestrate our plans towards future.

Chintan Patel- MD Topsun Energy Limited
Introducing PVGU:A step ahead

Our major objective is to showcase our unique offerings on new solar panels such as PVGU. PVGU itself says a lot about energy efficiency for building applications. PVGU is basically a step ahead of our regular BIPV panels. This is a much better technology than the existing in terms of meeting the challenges of heat and noise.

What is most important for us is awareness and accurate offerings to our customers. We offer present technologies as well as solar panels, rooftop systems, water pumping systems etc. We have established a chain across PAN India where our representatives are certified by Topsun to take our name forward in the market.

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