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Sustainable power supply accelerating battery storage business

December 30, 2023 2:52 pm

Sustainable power supply accelerating battery storage business

Inverters are crucial in safeguarding against potential damage by preventing overcharging and over-discharging batteries.

Battery storage inverters play a pivotal role in optimising energy use, ensuring the longevity of storage systems, and facilitating renewable energy integration. Recent trends include alternatives to lithium and advanced offerings, signal industry growth, and sustainability.

Essential Functions

Battery storage inverters, alternatively referred to as battery inverters or hybrid inverters, represent devices employed within energy storage systems to transform direct current (DC) electricity derived from batteries into alternating current (AC) electricity, the prevailing form of electricity utilised in most electrical systems. These inverters play a crucial role in battery energy storage systems, facilitating the effective utilisation and incorporation of stored energy.

Battery storage inverters offer programmable features to enhance self-consumption. This functionality enables the inverter to prioritise charging the batteries or powering appliances when surplus electricity is generated by solar panels rather than exporting excess energy to the grid. Moreover, these inverters monitor charging and discharging energy storage batteries to optimise their longevity and overall performance. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in safeguarding against potential damage by preventing overcharging and over-discharging batteries.

Inverting energy for sustainability

In electric transportation, battery storage inverters are used for charging and discharging electric vehicles, providing convenient energy storage and output. In addition, battery storage inverters are widely used in solar photovoltaic systems, microgrids, wind energy systems, and other fields. Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are intermittent and uncertain, which creates challenges for power systems.

Battery storage inverters provide a continuous supply of electricity by converting the power generated by intermittent energy sources into a reliable energy storage system that can be released when needed. This characteristic makes battery storage inverters an important technological solution to the volatility of renewable energy sources in a reliable energy source for the vitality of renewable energy sources. Battery storage inverters seamlessly interact with the grid by sourcing power from it during high energy consumption periods and redistributing surplus energy back into the grid. This enables homeowners to receive credits or monetary rewards for the excess energy they supply, fostering a dynamic energy ecosystem where users play dual roles as electricity consumers and producers.


Recent trends in battery storage inverters

Alternatives for lithium: Lithium batteries present environmental challenges, and meeting the surging demand for lithium presents considerable challenges. Currently, companies are exploring alternative battery materials for the next generation of energy storage solutions. Zinc-air batteries stand out as a promising alternative to lithium due to zinc’s ample availability, inherent stability, and low toxicity, making them a viable and sustainable option for future battery technology.      

Redox flow batteries: Redox flow batteries are versatile energy storage devices functioning as both fuel cells and rechargeable batteries. They are composed of two interlinked tanks housing electrolyte liquids and electrodes possessing opposite charges. Redox flow batteries have superior longevity to lithium batteries because the membrane does not deteriorate due to the current moving between tanks.

Additionally, owing to their adaptable system design and effortless scalability, redox flow batteries present significant potential for the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources. As per the recent report by Allied Market Research, the global battery storage inverter market is estimated to manifest a noteworthy CAGR throughout the forecast timeframe. The industry is gaining momentum due to surging demand for grid-connected solutions and heightened demand for sustainable power.

GoodWe has introduced 100 kW hybrid and retrofitted battery inverters designed for commercial and industrial energy storage applications. GoodWe, a prominent manufacturer of inverters and a provider of energy storage solutions on a global scale, has enriched its portfolio of Commercial and Industrial energy storage solutions by introducing two new products: the BTC 100 kW retrofit battery inverter and the ETC 100 kW hybrid inverter. These latest offerings are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Lynx C, GoodWe high-voltage battery system, available in capacities ranging from 101 to 156 kWh.

GoodWe, renowned for its proven track record and substantial experience in the solar industry, has been further refining its expertise in the Commercial and Industrial energy storage sector to address the increasing demand. The Lynx C battery, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, is designed to seamlessly integrate with BTC/ ETC inverters to deliver dependable and scalable energy storage solutions explicitly catered to C&I applications. Its modular design offers essential versatility, meeting the diverse needs of a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial energy storage projects. In short, technological advancements and heightened demand for sustainable power supply accelerate the growth of the battery storage inverter industry. However, a rising emphasis on rural electrification will offer prolific growth opportunities to the industry in the upcoming years. 

Authored by: Gayatri Mohite, Allied Market Research

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