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Maximise energy saving with automated lights

Dhananjay Kulkarni, SVP–IoT MosChip, Ex-COO, Maven Systems Pvt Ltd.

Move from shortfall to surplus
The government has announced several initiatives to revive the power sector since the time has come into power. Sharing his views whether these initiatives started delivering or no Dhananjay Kulkarni, SVP–IoT MosChip, Ex-COO, Maven Systems Pvt Ltd says, “We at Maven Systems (a MosChip company) play a role in automating street light control across the country. That has certainly saved at least 50 per cent of electric consumption. All this saved electricity would naturally mean the shortage is now that much less severe and we move from shortfall to surplus.”

Automated lights
Sharing about who would be the game changer he says, “Recent push of street light automation and control is single most important and high impact area. A typical mix of 10,000 street lights consume about 4 lakh units per month. Cities like Indore/Pune has 100,000 street lights. Converting these in to LED lights and efficient automation control typically saved 60 per cent of the electricity. Thus, every new 10,000 automated LED street lights consume about 1.5 lakh units instead of 4 lakh units every month. With a large number of new street lighting tenders being floated this initiative is going to save huge amount of electricity all over India.”

Maven’s performance
Informing about last year performance Kulkarni says, “From IoT / street light automation perspective, last year was exciting one. The growth in the IoT automation space was breathtaking in various parts of India. Smart cities helped the push in automation. But statewide initiatives also created huge opportunities in IoT automation.”

Adding more features to the products
Briefing on the strategies to be competitive in the industry Kulkarni says, “We are already a leader in street light automation space.” In the coming months, the company plan to add more features, such as long range analytics in its offerings. This would allow municipalities to detect and control theft of electricity, pin point areas needing maintenance to reduce transmission and distribution losses and so on. This would further reduce the electricity consumption and improve the financial health of governing bodies.

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