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Upward shift for BMS

Piyush Garg,
Addl. Director, Balaji Switchgears Pvt Ltd.

Government marching in right direction
The government has announced several initiatives to revive the power sector since the time has come into power. Being positive about the initiatives Piyush Garg, Addl. Director, Balaji Switchgears Pvt. Ltd, “It can be certainly applauded that the current government has definitely taken the motto of ‘Power for All’ seriously. One could see huge investment being pumped into the power sector, with initiatives like UJALA, Smart City and renewable energy being implemented.”

He adds, “Prime Minister Modi’s promise to electrify all villages by 2019 definitely seems a hit, the way country and initiatives are marching towards it. Even private sector has also launched very initiatives at their own levels to meet this goal.”

BMS to see upward shift
2017-18 shall witness massive growth through energy and building sector. Energy efficiency, metering and Building Management Solutions (BMS) tend to see a major upward shift. As the nation is ready to pump more energy, it is our duty to ensure that same is used effectively and efficiently, believes Garg.

He adds, “We believe that proper metering solutions are required from the grass route level, so as easy monitoring and conservation can be done. It’s indeed an opportunity and responsibility for all the manufactures is EE Products, to educate the masses and create an effective install base, where the society can get benefit at large.”

Equal opportunity for all
Sharing about the major changes observed during the past one year as far as improving the health of the industry is concerned Garg says, “India will be observing one year of demonetisation this year. In addition GST has been launched full-fledged in the entire nation; this has impacted the nation widely, as the long prevailing parallel economy has drastically reduced since past 1 year.”

He informs, “There was a strong black market operating since decades in electrical and switchgear industry, which has now reduced drastically and hence created an equal opportunity for all in the power sector. Also because of GST it’s an open market for all which increases the horizon for the industry.”

Targeting growth of 20%
Balaji Switchgears had achieved a growth of 17.2 per cent in FY16-17 and targeting a growth of minimum 20 per cent in the current year. “With the launch of innovative products by the company’s principals we are leveraging full benefit from same to accelerate our growth engines,” informs Garg.

As the industry is all set for a massive rebound, Balaji’s innovative strategies to remain competitive is to adopt the policy of need of the hour as times have changed and market is demanding more renewable, reliable, safe and sustainable solutions of course at a competitive price. According to Garg, gone are those times when traditional and obsolete technology was adopted by the consumers just to save cost, today’s consumer is smart and knows that what is best as per his need. Home automation, EE solutions, smart lighting are something getting adapted by all.

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