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Disrupting Indian market with solar lights

Sreejith Sreenivasan, CEO, Sun World Solar Systems

Of late, one of the initiatives that our government made is converting normal street lights in highways to solar street lights. For example, today many highways in India have deployed solar street lights which save a lot of electricity apart from highways traffic lights are also working solar. Auto rickshaws have started working on solar since last year which saves fuel and also get cheap travel for customers. Sreejith Sreenivasan, CEO, Sun World Solar Systems considers this as one of the best ideas implemented by the Indian government.

The government has also started providing loans to consumers to install solar systems at their residence which makes it affordable for them. The government is doing its best to convert all homes from electricity to solar systems. “I hope, in the coming years India will become a country where no one will have to depend on electricity board to light their homes or no family will stand without having electricity,” aspires Sreenivasan.

Health of industry improved
Health of Indian power industry enhanced a lot high after the implementation of solar technology, believes Sreenivasan. He says, “As solar was little bit expensive, government started giving subsidies for customers. Another achievement was Cochin International Airport has become the first international airport to work full on solar. We believe on grid solar installation will become more effective than off grid solar installation. Many government offices have installed on grid solar systems which saves a lot of electricity.”

On grid solar systems have got many advantages, it is applicable for offices which work from morning till evening. On grid is less expensive than off grid solar systems because on grid systems don’t require batteries which are an expensive part in off grid solar systems. On grid systems is not suitable for areas where power cut regularly happens, it requires electricity for running the grid. Off grid is expensive but it doesn’t need electricity to work.

Gained market share
Briefing on the company’s performance during the past one year, Sreenivasan says, “Last year our company Sun World Solar Systems gains the market 70 per cent more than 2015. Our team had put best efforts and serve our customers by fulfilling all their requirements regarding our products. We introduced solar premium lights which was one of the main attractions for our customers and also economy lights which satisfy the customers making it affordable. Customers show keen interest in our solar lights due to its new technology and uniqueness which no one else gives. For normal solar street lights an end customer has to rely on technicians for installations and services of lights, but for our solar lights even a school boy can install it, we made it that much easy and safe for our customers. We made a drastic change in the market by introducing our solar lights.”

Future plans
As new strategies set by power industry, Sun World Solar Systems also has many plans to introduce new models of solar street lights and solar garden lights in the market. “Quality of our solar lights is always at its best and redesigning of our solar lights are going to attract the customers in the market. Also when comparing with other solar lights in the market we are very happy to stand as a king with affordable price,” Sreenivasan concludes.

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