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Enforcement of RPOs to boost RE sector

The government has announced several initiatives to revive the power sector since the time it has come into power. Briefing on whether these initiatives have started delivering or not Dr Sanjiv Kawishwar, Sr. Vice President, ReGen Powertech says, “Not really! Though power sector has changed rapidly during the past three years and the initiation of reforms with rediscovery of the sectorial processes is affecting it but only changes in procedures today are recognised and felt everywhere.”

He adds, “Surplus power available on real time basis to the states and distribution companies is mostly due to decrease in energy demand by industries either due to slow down or due to energy conservation/saving management systems.”

Enforcement of RPOs to change the game
While informing on the initiative that will change the game in 2017, Dr Kawishwar says, “Positive initiative in renewable energy sector is invisible and due to competitive bidding the wind-solar tariffs have come down to a stage that is not feasible. Enforcement of Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) may change the game.”

RE sector in dismal condition
“Renewable sector (wind/solar) is unable to sustain a low tariff of Rs 3.46 or Rs 2.44 and imposition of import or anti-dumping duty of 35 per cent. Hence wind solar industry in India is moving towards death. There is no initiative to improve the health of the industry,” points out Dr Kawishwar.

Briefing on Regen’s strategies Dr Kawishwar says, “We are gearing up to sustain the changes. We are also implementing of concepts like value engineering, six sigma and cost management to meet profitability requirements.

Dr Sanjiv Kawishwar,
Sr. Vice President,
ReGen Powertech

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