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Enkay Solar launches flexible solar panel in REI 2017

Enkay Solar Power & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has launched a flexible solar panel in Renewable Energy India Expo held in Greater Noida recently to meet the changing needs in market place.

“Our lightweight, flexible and powerful solar technology provides the design versatility that makes integration with a variety of applications simple — thus offering a powerful and aesthetic solution to meet the challenges of growing markets,” the company said.

Thin film solar products can be produced for example as flexible solar panels without glass. This brings lightweight and products which enable new applications for power harvesting with a huge potential for new market fields like BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic), outdoor products, public transport systems, etc.

Besides, the rapidly increasing high consumption of the traditional fossil fuel results in the inevitable global energy deficiency, plus the environmental pollution which accompany with warming, lightening and powering us up is becoming more and more furious at the same time. People are being eager to find renewable, clean, safe energy with high conversion efficiency to instead the old-fashioned ones than any time in history. All in all, the economic, environmental and societal critical factors require us to make a move on the upcoming energy issue. So the cheap and abundant solar energy is doubtlessly the first option which comes to us.
Enkay Solar Power is currently manufacturing flexible panels in ranges of 100 watts and 315 watts (Polycrystalline), size – 1950 x 990 x 40 mm and weight – 6 kg approximately for 315 watts. To meet customised orders, the company is capable of increasing the ranges up to 350 Watts in (Monocrystalline).

Warranty: 5 years for E-Rick and 10
years for stable use.

  • Technical details of Enkay’ flexible panel
  • Rated Power – Wp 315 W
  • Voltage – Vmp 72.50 V
  • Current – Imp 04.13 A
  • Module efficiency – >16%
  • Open circuit – Voc 79.40 V
  • Short circuit – Isc 04.32A
  • Nominal voltage – 48 V.


Enkay Solar Power & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Corp off: E-55, Sector 6,
Noida-201301, UP
Plant: Plot No-15,
Greater Noida (West) – 201306, UP
Tele: +91-120-4351104/05

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