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Indian RE firms take centre stage at Intersolar India 2017

Intersolar India, the major exhibition and conference for the solar industry, is all set to get rolling from 5th December with over 260 exhibitors expected to participate during the forthcoming edition.

In India, solar remains in the limelight in 2017 as the nation targets installed solar capacity to more than 17 GW by the year end. With continued large scale integration of solar power into the grid, the manageable threshold is fast approaching and the time for introducing grid scale energy storage system has arrived. Battery energy storage systems have become the preferred storage systems.

India’s ambitious strategy to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles requires a concerted and coordinated effort that brings together the best of the private and public sectors in transport, infrastructure and energy. Electric mobility solutions and energy storage systems have additionally the potential to actively shape India’s future energy system.

Intersolar India, the major exhibition and conference for the solar industry, is all set to get rolling from 5th December with over 260 exhibitors expected to participate during the forthcoming edition. The three-day event will highlight the trends that shape India’s energy future. Here we would discuss what the Indian industry has in store to display in Intersolar India 2017.

Talking about his company’s participation at the event, Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director, Su-Kam said, “We are thrilled to participate at Intersolar 2017. Such exhibitions can go a long way in promoting the use of solar energy. India has laid out an ambitious target of achieving 100GW of solar energy by 2022. This can be achieved only if more and more establishments and households go solar. In view of the pollution touching alarming levels and a huge gap between demand and supply of power, solar energy assumes a vital role. Intersolar 2017 also gives the opportunity to all stakeholders of the sector to converge and deliberate on important issues.”

Intersolar being one of biggest solar exhibitions of the year the participation becomes inevitable, opines Dr. Gundu M Sabde, Chairman and Managing Director of RelyOn Solar. For this time RelyOn Solar will be using Intersolar platform for a series of product launches. “We being a group company are participating in Intersolar with 2 booths for both our brands RelyOn Solar and Sileaf. From RelyOn Solar we will be showcasing our in-house developed Single Axis Row Tracker which has the maximum number of modules on a single unit,” informs Dr. Gundu further.

Also, RelyOn Solar would use Intersolar platform for launching SCADA- monitoring system in the market. From Sileaf there are a couple of products launches which will be introduced in Intersolar for the first time including the company’s DC Water pumps, String inverters, and Data logger.

Deshmukh Solar Energy has been in the industry of solar for over 8 years now. Some of its well-known products like DS series of solar modules have received great reviews from industry experts. Like every year, Deshmukh Solar will be participating in Intersolar 2017 too.

“In this year’s Intersolar expo we are happy to launch our new product Dmax Solar series. This will be more advanced and innovative solar panel than the traditional solar panels available in the market,” informs Pratik S Deshmukh, Director Deshmukh Solar Energy Pvt Ltd.

Sabo Systems Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of lightning protection, surge protection, chemical earthing and bonding systems. “We have been an exhibitor at Intersolar for the last three editions and it has been very fruitful to us in terms of generating relevant leads, interacting with clients face to face thereby strengthening business relationship through personal rapport and understanding needs of electrical design team of solar power projects. More importantly, it helps increasing trust with regional solar EPC players and solar integrators,” said Pawan Agarwal, Director, Sabo Systems Pvt Ltd. “We look forward to further increase our client base through participation in the forthcoming Intersolar 2017.”

Key attractions
Su-Kam’s high-tech innovations
Su-Kam would participate in Intersolar exhibition wherein it will showcase its state-of-the-art products boasting of superior technology. Some of the products that will be displayed are hybrid grid tie inverter, grid tie inverter, solar online UPS, ERD (lift UPS) and solar street light and the like. Su-Kam’s solar grid tie inverter can be powered by mains as well as solar energy. It can work even voltage as low as 80 to 450 volts in DC and 150 to 280 volts in AC and is able to generate solar power even during low periods of sunshine.

“With an efficiency of almost 100 per cent, the IEC-certified product can withstand dust and heavy rains,” claims Sachdev. He adds, “Su-Kam’s ERD (Lift UPS) is designed to provide full power backup in case of power failures in elevators.”

Brainy S Solar UPS from Su-Kam
Brainy S Solar UPS is a device with zero switchover time keeping in mind the health and safety of sensitive appliances. In the solar industry today, in Sachdev’s opinion, it is the first ever solar-static product designed to have this feature as compared to other solar systems that do not provide such a smooth transition. This unique feature makes Brainy S the one-stop solution for households. Su-Kam’s hybrid grid tie inverter is an artificially intelligent combination of a normal inverter and grid tie inverter which works as both off-grid and on-grid system.

Topsun Energy’s PVGU panels
Intersolar is always a major attraction for the industry leaders – let it be for exhibitor or for visitors. “Looking at the expected visitors who are quality conscious, we preliminary wish to demonstrate our very recent development (R&D) and would like to focus on PVGU (photovoltaic glass unit) panels,” Chintan Patel, Managing Director, Topsun Energy Ltd. PVGU is a unique solution being offered by Topsun Energy Limited which serves the purpose of energy and environment.

RelyOn Solar’s SCADA
SCADA launch in Intersolar will be the major attraction for RelyOn Solar. RelyOn Solar’s indigenously developed SCADA is a comprehensive monitoring system built on IoT platform with modern communication techniques and a user-friendly interface. SCADA launch is an effort towards building a tool to take solar closer to assured power. Renewable energy especially solar and wind are still not seen as an assured power source in order to meet daily requirements. However, as the renewable content increases, renewable energy supply has to become assured and a reliable power source. Various technologies are essential to accomplish this in a cost-effective manner including the development of accurate forecasting and prediction capability. “We will enhance the SCADA platform to develop energy forecasting and day ahead prediction capability to make solar primary source of energy,” assures Dr. Gundu.

Solar products suitable for India
In our Sileaf booth, the visitors of Intersolar 2017 will find the series of new products introduced by the company. “Our high-efficiency DC pumps have generally attracted the attention of many visitors in exhibitions and this time we are also introducing our recently launched String Inverters to the market,” informs Dr. Gundu. Sileaf products are launched to tackle the issues of the dependence of Indian Solar market on external imports for the solar products. In the beginning of 2012, RelyOn Solar realised that there weren’t many Indian manufacturers of solar products in the market and those imported have maintenance and serviceability issues. These products, in Dr. Gundu’s opinion, are not suitable for the Indian environment. The company then began its R&D activities to build robust and reliable products designed for Indian environment. All of these will be showcased in Intersolar and RelyOn Solar is confident that each product will be an attraction for visitors.

Deshmukh Solar’s Dmax series modules
It’s been a many years now solar modules were introduced, with scientists constantly enhancing cell technology and inventing innovative designs to optimise reliability and efficiency. Recently, Deshmukh Solar took a significant leap in module design by designing a new frameless crystalline dual glass module that guarantees higher lifetime energy output than traditional modules.
For years, traditional solar modules contained a back sheet and a frame. These were thought to be necessary design features. However, industry experts have collected claims data to conclude they were allowing moisture ingress, leading to potential induced degradation, snail tracks and, ultimately, increased brittleness of encapsulant, delamination and cracks.

“We found that that replacing the back sheet with another glass panel eliminates these phenomena and boosts the module’s reliability. Deshmukh Solar’s Dmax series modules represent a revolutionary advancement in solar module adding value at every step of the supply chain,” informs Jitendra V Lokhande, Director, Deshmukh Solar Energy Pvt Ltd.

Further, by removing the frame, it will reduce customer installation costs and timing by eliminating the need for module grounding. A sheet of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) encapsulates the crystalline silicon solar cells on both sides further protecting these fragile components.

Finally, the new generation split junction box allows higher heat dissipation and reliability. These junction boxes are connected to the solar cells using a unique technique on the back glass that guarantees the overall reliability of the electrical connection, j-box, and the module.

This series is constructed with two 2.5 mm heat strengthened glass sheets laminated on the cell layers using EVA. Although thinner than the 3.2 mm glass layer used in traditional framed modules, the dual glass construction increases the load bearing capacity of the modules.

According to Pratik S Deshmukh the deformation of the modules is much lower than that of traditional framed modules under the same mechanical load. This allows for higher snow and wind load field performance. “The strength of the glass and the Sandwich-like design offer stronger resistance to the vibrations and disruptions inherent in the production, transportation, and installation processes, thereby preventing invisible cell cracking and other damage,” Lokhande added.

Sabo’s earthing kit for rooftop solar
In Intersolar 2017, Sabo will display its readymade earthing kit specially designed for rooftop solar power projects of capacities up to 5 KW suitable for solar pumps and for LED light poles.

The company will also present its ESE – Air Terminals (LA) beyond 107-metre protection radius, i.e. 130-metre, 146-metre and 188-metre protection radius. It helps companies to optimise project cost for large ground mounted MW solar projects, informs.

Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director, Su-Kam

Dr. Gundu M Sabde, Chairman and Managing Director, RelyOn Solar

Pratik S Deshmukh, Director Deshmukh Solar Energy Pvt Ltd

Chintan Patel, Managing Director, Topsun Energy Ltd

Pawan Agarwal, Director, Sabo Systems Pvt Ltd

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