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Radite vision to cheap and cleaner future

Abhijeet Gupta, Group Director, Radite Energy Infra Solutions Pvt Ltd

“We believe that projects with good quality will give more production and help countries’ need of sustainable power”

Indian Power sector has evaluated a lot in last 15 years. The sector has moved from coal based power plants to renewable energy and country is moving to more sustainable source of power, says Abhijeet Gupta, Group Director, Radite Energy Infra Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Transformation of power sector
Power sector has always been a main pillar for country’s economic growth and now it is contributing to all sectors including mobility. With renewable energy and nuclear energy addition in power sector we are hopeful of getting cheap and sustainable sources of energy, which will not only help the country to grow in fast pace, but also give cleaner future to our coming generation.

Reducing need of fossil fuels
Electrification of energy demand in all regions and sectors are giving more economical and sustainable solutions to the sectors. This is helping reducing country’s need on fossil fuels, which is helping in India’s growth. The current government drives are also positive and encouraging.

Game-changing initiative
Introduction of drive towards solarisation of major government and residential buildings is one of the initiative, which is really helping the sector to grow at very fast pace. This is not only helping in managing the demand, but also reducing the transmission loss and saves lots of energy that gets wasted during transmission.

Radite’s contribution
Radite has been into the industry for last three years. In this small period of time, we have executed more than 600MW of projects in ground based and more than 12MW in rooftops on all over country.

Radite always strives to provide quality services to its clients and we believe that projects with good quality will give more production and help countries’ need of sustainable power. The selection of good installer is as important as good product and we have been able to gain trust of our clients as most trustworthy installer in the country. This is not only our words, but also the recognition we have got speaks the same.

Potential in solar powered irrigation
Proper and uninterrupted power is the need for irrigation in country. Most of our farmers are facing challenges to irrigate their farms as rains are unpredictable. Solar-powered pumps and other sources of solar power helps the farmer a lot to get more output of their production. In India, farmers are working on conventional way of farming and moving slowly to the new technique. Hence, potential in solar powered irrigation is huge at present.

Land acquisition most critical
Fund raising and land acquisition is the most critical activity for completing any projects. More initiatives need to be taken in funding these projects and solar project bonds and similar government initiatives can help in getting funds for these projects.

These funds can be given directly to the developers and need to be monitored closely for proper utilisation and distribution. If government agencies, banks, developer and installers work together this can be achieve well in time.

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