IEEMA organises electrical fire safety conclave for integrated solution on fire protection and security

IEEMA organised its first edition of ‘Electrical Fire Safety Conclave’ recently. The conclave emphasised on various aspects of electrical device management, improper maintenance, ignorance of the safety precautions and lack of awareness or knowledge leading to accident. The Conclave was inaugurated by Chief Guest, Prakash Mehta, Cabinet Minister of Housing Department, Government of Maharashtra in the presence of Prakash Mishra, IPS, DG, Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guard, Ministry of Home, D K Shami, Advisor, Fire Safety, Minister of Home and P S Mhaske, Member- Power System, CEA.

In the Indian scenario, data shows that the majority of industrial disasters and commercial or household fires are results of electrical short circuits. These electrical short circuits cause fire in the electrical appliances or electrical fittings, which rapidly spreads through frames via the connecting electrical wires to the surrounding rooms or walls and combustible furniture, etc.

Shreegopal Kabra, President, IEEMA said, “In the last six years, there have been 29,140 fire incidents in Mumbai alone in which 300 people have died and 925 people has been injured. Although the regulatory and statutory framework in terms of the Electricity Act, Electrical rules and the Central Electrical Authority Regulations have been framed and even the National Building Code has devoted a portion on electrical safety of building, there is still a need to understand the concept of electrical risk management as most of the electrical accidents. Incidentally, there is 40 per cent fatality rate and loss to exchequer which runs into billion of rupees. Thus, through this conclave, the experts from the industry focused on an itegrated solution for fire protection and security.”

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